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Afghanistan: The cold-blooded lies revealed

By Mark Young


It never ceases to amaze me how someone like Joe Biden can be so wrong, but believes himself to be so right. Smugly so, I might add.

Time and time again through this brief disaster of an administration, Biden has proven to be wrong but he dons his aviator sunglasses and tries to convince the masses that he got it right.

The question always remains: Does he really believe that? Can he really wake up and look at himself in the mirror and believe he’s doing a good job? Or does he know he’s a horrible leader and has no problem faking his way through the day knowing that at the end of the day, he’ll just lie about it?

It’s a question we’ll never really get an answer to, but the result for us is the same either way and we are witnessing his horrific policies on a daily basis.

But despite his multiple lies, he will always remain a traitor to this country for the way he surrendered to the Taliban without a waking thought to the thousands of lives he destroyed in the process.

Included, of course, are the 13 American warriors that didn’t have to die at the Kabul airport, and the families, along with a nation, who are remembering their needless deaths one year later.

It is important to remember that Biden set the withdrawal date with the sole intention of hailing himself as a hero with a photo op on the anniversary of 9-11. He wanted his “Mission accomplished,” moment and he didn’t care how he got it.

He wanted a legacy. Well, he got one, but not the one he wanted. The blue in his veins isn’t from age. It’s from the icy blood that runs to his frozen, black heart.

So with visions of him being lauded by the American people as a president who could end the war, he ended it in humiliating disgrace.

He swore up and down that no American would be left behind. He promised the “strategic withdrawal,” would be seamless. He stated every person who aided America’s War on Terror would be evacuated and that we would not leave until it was done.

He promised the American people that al Qaeda was routed from Afghanistan and would never return.

They were all lies.

So what do we know to be the truth one year later?

We know now that Biden lied about receiving advice about being advised to not set a timeline for the withdrawal. He lied about being advised regarding the negative ramifications of abandoning Bagram Airbase.

Biden, wanting his photo op, ignored the fact that Afghanistan security was being maintained by a mere 2,500 troops and that not a single American had died in Afghanistan in over a year.

His desire to, “be the guy,” and get his desired, “Mission accomplished,” photo op, pushed his ego to make a bad decision that didn’t need to be made in the first place. America’s war in Afghanistan was effectively over already minus providing air support to the security forces.

We know now that the Taliban even told the Biden administration that America could take its time in withdrawing Americans and its allies. The Taliban said they wouldn’t even take Kabul until the withdrawal was complete.

But Biden lied about the conditions on the ground because he was indeed informed of a likely capitulation of the Afghan security forces despite statements from Biden’s cabinet members reporting the contrary to the media. 

Biden also disregarded opposition from his generals and the U.S. State Department. And yet Biden lied on national TV, claiming he received no such advice.

The report also outlines how Biden still hesitated to give evacuation orders until just hours before the Taliban moved into Kabul.

We know now that Biden lied about al Qaeda being eradicated from Afghanistan. While Biden deserves limited credit for killing Al Qaeda’s leader in a recent missile strike, Biden told the American people the Taliban would no longer provide a safe haven to al Qaeda.

And yet the al Qaeda was killed in the Afghan Taliban controlled capital, in the home of one of the Taliban leaders. And it took Biden eight months to finally green light the mission so al Qaeda and the Taliban were clearly already working together since the fall of Kabul.

Biden knew it, but continued the lie.

Biden’s hesitation and poor evacuation planning, as well as the decision to ignore sound advice resulted in the chaos we all saw play out. Thirteen dead Americans, scores of Afghan civilians dead, Americans left behind and tens of thousands of American partners abandoned was the result.

Biden’s decision to abandon Bagram Air Base in the middle of the night without even telling the Afghan Security Forces was a surrender of the most strategic base America had. It sat as a key deterrent against both Russia and China.

It was quickly occupied by the Taliban who released thousands of terrorist extremists from its prison and now the Taliban is working with the Chinese to operate the base.

While we do know that America pulled off one of the greatest feats ever seen when it comes to evacuating as many as possible, the report from the Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs, clearly states that the administration deserves no credit and that had proper planning taken place, would have been unnecessary in the first place. The report highlights the heroic efforts of mid-level civilian personnel and the military for the success of the airlift.

Biden surrendered more than $7 billion in military equipment, which essentially provided the Taliban with modern day weaponry to include vehicles, aircraft, night vision, and thousands of rifles, machine guns and ammunition.

Keep in mind that is about $2 billion less than what Biden has provided to Ukraine in their fight against Russia, as far as actual military hardware.

Biden has armed the Taliban for decades to come, which in turn, arms al Qaeda in their fight against us, not to mention gives them a safe haven training ground to plan attacks on America again.

Biden’s decisions and policies are devastating this country financially while weakening our influence abroad, as well as emboldening our very real enemies who desire to see America burn, or at the very least, shrink American influence across the globe.

Now all of this is beyond serious, but doesn’t even take into account the human toll. It doesn’t take into account the untold number of people that trusted America who have been slaughtered.

It doesn’t take into account the stripping away of rights of women and refusing to educate Afghan girls beyond elementary school.

Where in the unholy hell are all these liberal feminist groups?

It doesn’t take into account the Afghan girls under the age of 10 who will be sold off as wives and sex slaves. 

How in God’s name can Biden get on the national stage and with smugness plastered on his face say he did a good job? How cold does one heart have to be to turn a blind eye to that level of suffering when this country gave a commitment to keep an entire people safe and free?

How does this man sleep at night knowing that thousands of gallons of blood is on his hands because of stupid decisions? Well if he’s the kind of man who looks bored and keeps checking his watch while 13 American flag draped coffins are being unloaded, then that tells you everything you need to know.

The enemy is not only at the gate, my fellow Patriots. The enemy is operating the gate.

This is why one year ago I had had enough with being part of a media industry who was doing its part to aid and abet the liberal enemy hell bent on destroying this great nation.

My duties were local journalism. It was the excuse I gave myself to stay on for longer than I wanted to. As I told my wife after the fall of Kabul and knowing that I was still an indirect cog in an anti-American machine, “This job is killing my soul.”

So I posted what a POS Biden is on social media after those Americans died, knowing it would get me fired. I even said it would get me fired when I posted it. And it did, indeed get me fired.

And so launched this great patriotic endeavor between you and I. My friends ask me all the time, “Are you happy, because that’s all that matters.”

My answer is the same all the time: “My soul is free.” I will add to that with, and my fight against the media manipulation is righteous.

We shall not forget my fellow Patriots. And we must continue to stay vigilant, stay aware and stay informed because as that Senate Committee on Foreign Intelligence report states, “The United States will have to deal with the fallout of this failure for years to come.”

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