Sarasota School Board member, Tom Edwards has made a national name for himself because of his honest confession that he and other woke partisans are working quietly inside the school system to turn our neighborhood schools into incubators for liberal ideology. One does not need to be a rocket scientist to realize that teachers, in general, tend to land on the left side of the political spectrum. In the last half-century, teachers in our colleges and lower schools have, in general, grown more leftist and more aggressive in indoctrinating our young people with their various philosophies. 

Teachers are the trainers of our next generations and as we watch our twenty somethings enter the workforce it is troubling to see their behavior. Recently, the young employees at Spotify attempted to force the company to drop Joe Rogan’s podcast because they did not approve of his Covid-19 protocols. Netflix employees attempted to force the company to cancel Dave Chapelle because he joked about transsexuals among other people. Young Twitter employees banned tweets from scientists who disagreed with Fauci’s refusal to consider the Wuhan Weapons Lab as a possible genesis of the Covid-19 virus. 

How did our young people become so petrified of exposure to different beliefs? A simple explanation is the indoctrination many have received in public schools and prep schools. 

The elite college campuses have become one-sided battlefields where leftist professors encourage their students to resist the presentation of alternative views to the liberal dogma that dominates the campuses. Conservative speakers are rarely invited to lecture on these campuses and on the rare occasions they are allowed to speak they are routinely shouted down and occasionally physically assaulted. 

Professors who discuss conservative theories are threatened by students who many times attempt to have the professors fired. As a result, many professors have changed their lectures to avoid discussions of any conservative theories.

As a result of this intimidation of free speech, students are exposed only to the leftist side of most issues and many enter the workforce believing that conservative ideas and practices should be muzzled. 

Fortunately, the Covid-19 pandemic has given the public a peek behind the curtain of the educational system. The public watched teacher unions attempt to avoid in-person education at any cost. The unions put up endless ridiculous demands to avoid having to return to the classroom. Unlike the hospital workers, police officers, EMTs and retail employees, the teachers refused to do their job to the detriment of our nation’s youth. 

When the teachers worked remotely, parents were able to watch and listen to their lessons. Many parents were shocked to observe some of the leftist agenda being taught to their children. 

As a result, parents began paying more attention to the curriculum the schools were using. This has led to a national trend of replacing school board members who have supported the education establishment. 

It would be foolish to assume that Mr. Edwards of Sarasota is a lone wolf as he attempts to foist his leftist ideas on our children. As my fellow writer at this paper reminds us, WE MUST REMAIN VIGILANT! 

Remember, Governor DeSantis has endorsed Cindy Spray, Chad Choate and Col. Richard Tatem in the Manatee County School Board races.

Bob Spencer
Manatee Herald

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