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Merrick Garland versus The Don

Merrick Garland’s actions this week confirmed that Mitch McConnell was smart to not allow Garland’s nomination for the Supreme Court to proceed back in 2016. Garland’s lack of judicial temperament allowed him to approve a search warrant that gave permission for FBI agents to search unobserved a former President’s residence. 

After reading the legal documents in the search warrant, it is apparent the government was not looking for classified documents. The red herring excuse of government secrets protection was just a cover to allow the Justice Department to continue their endless search for a smoking gun to prove that Trump planned and encouraged the January 6 riot. 

As an aside, the “geniuses” that decided to break through the barriers at the US Capitol and occupy Pelosi’s office have caused endless harm to the conservative movement. These idiots have allowed the liberal mainstream press to focus on the rioters and ignore the failed Biden presidency. 

Back to Garland, his three minute “press conference” with no questions allowed gave further proof that he is not the person to lead the Justice Department during this volatile time. When you have an unprecedented legal action pitting two branches of government against each other, the American public deserves some legitimate explanation with the give and take of a press conference. You may not care for Trump’s behavior but he had more interaction with the press than any other modern president. 

Over the past decade, the public’s trust in government has been diminished as it watched government employees work against the election of Trump. The public watched government employees leak transcripts of conversations between Trump and world leaders during his first month in office. 

Against this backdrop of mistrust, Garland should have refused to approve the search of Trump’s residence. At a minimum, he should have insisted that an attorney representing Trump be present for the search. This would have reduced the number of rumors that have sprouted out of this fiasco.

Garland’s actions give evidence to the suspicion that he was participating in a scheme to take the public’s attention away from the bumbling Biden presidency. 

In closing, I cannot ignore the inane behavior of Donald Trump. Our country is facing serious economic issues and the explosion of socialist regulations designed to weaken our country. Trump, however, wants to focus on himself and endorse anyone who kisses his ass. This disagreement over documents should have been handled with negotiations many months ago. 

Trump’s belligerent behavior and his proclivity to fabricate false explanations may allow the Democrats to win in November in spite of Joe Biden. It is time for Trump to put the future of our country ahead of his personal gain.

Bob Spencer
Manatee Herald

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