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Tales from the Mark Side: Where is the Outrage?

In 2 years, China has killed 1.1 million Americans. Where is the outrage?

Well apparently I goofed and killed off Dick Cheney during our last visit.

My bad.

In my defense, I’m one of those guys who hears about a celebrity dying and the first thing out of my mouth is, “I thought he was already dead?”

But I guess the good news is that Cheney isn’t one of the 100,000 Americans China has killed over the past year, and that’s not even related to COVID. That’s just the record number of fentanyl deaths.

I heard some pretty good analogies over the last couple of days and they are worth sharing. So let’s get some perspective on this.

Between COVID and fentanyl poisonings, China has killed over 1.1 million Americans, and the murders continue.

There were 416,000 Americans killed in World War II. Over 58,000 were killed in a decade of fighting in Vietnam. More than 117,000 Americans died in World War I. Almost 40,000 died in Korea and more than 7,000 American warriors died in two decades of the War on Terror.

So in the course of multiple wars since 1917, there have been more than 638,000 Americans who have died. In the course of two years, China has successfully murdered 1.1 million innocent Americans.

Where is the outrage? You always have these anti-war protestors getting loud during every American conflict. Where are the anti-death penalty folks who say the death penalty is state sanctioned murder?

Where are the massive crowds demanding China not only end the murder of American citizens but demand China end human rights abuses, as well as the gruesome way they treat animals in their dog meat festivals?

Why do democrats always give China a pass, but especially in the past two years while Americans are being slaughtered by China with biological and chemical warfare?

Why in God’s name has this country not recognized we are under attack and at war with China? Because here’s some breaking news for those folks: China is at war with us.

Why are we not recognizing the simple facts? We know China is supplying the fentanyl to the drug cartels. We know the cartels are lacing just about everything with fentanyl now.

It’s gone way beyond the typical drug addict overdosing on heroin. So-called recreational drugs that are easy to obtain are being poisoned with fentanyl and these deaths are skyrocketing, especially in teens and young adults.

It’s intentional on China’s part as they work with the cartels to kill Americans.

And COVID is not up for debate at this point. Every liberal in the country got all butthurt when Trump started blaming the Wuhan lab for leaking the virus, which turned out to be true.

The only argument to be made is whether China did it on purpose and I stand on the side of purposeful intent. I said from the beginning COVID was a test run for China to experiment with a mild form of biological warfare to see how fast it would spread, and how much damage a timid virus like COVID could do.

They set loose a virus with a known 1 percent fatality rate while simultaneously developing two separate strains that have a 10 percent and 50-percent fatality rate.

China learned how much chaos a low-level virus caused, both economically and in panic-driven divisive behaviors. And if you think this biological experiment is something China wouldn’t release on their own citizens to start the spread, you aren’t paying attention to a country that exploits its own citizenry for sex trafficking and slavery.

Now to answer the question as to why this particular administration ignores and emboldens China is an easy one considering how much money the Biden family has made from China. America elected a compromised man to the highest office in the nation and his nonactions, as well as how far out of the way Biden goes to not criticize China, is something Americans can call, “These truths are self evident.”

I have forever racked my brain as to why liberals think the way they do, but how can they ignore, as a whole, the slaughter that is taking place in front of their eyes?

COVID and fentanyl are nonpartisan. This warfare implemented by China is not party selective in the way it kills. So why does the left still ignore it all?

China is intentionally killing Americans, buying up all of our farmland and national debt and has been stealing our technology for decades and now has a technological advantage over America.

China is aggressively expanding its military and economic influence and threatens America over Taiwan, even to the point where the one good thing Nancy Pelosi was going to do is now in question as to whether she will visit Taiwan.

The left is weak. Every time a democrat has been in office in the last 40 years, our national security has gone to hell in a handbasket.

From Obama’s apology world tour to Bill Clinton knowingly sending cruise missiles to empty terrorist training camps to Jimmy Carter’s Iran hostage disaster to Biden’s disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal, just to name a few – my ultimate question is why do Americans keep risking our freedoms by electing these do-nothing lunatics?

I really try to maintain a sense of humor when we have our visits, no matter the subject, but this one is just too much.

I’m outraged. I’m angry. I’m just downright pissed off that the left is allowing Americans to be murdered, and do nothing about it.

It’s all going to come to a head in a couple of years when China invades Taiwan. If you think it won’t happen, you probably thought Russia wouldn’t invade Ukraine despite two previous incursions.

You’re probably an Obama fan who still thinks the 1980s called and wants its Cold War back. And you’re probably not the brightest bulb on the tree. You simply don’t have to be a geopolitical expert to understand the reality that’s in front of you.

We have a sworn commitment to protect and defend Taiwan from Chinese aggression. We either go to war with China or stand down and forever surrender all American influence and allow further Chinese expansion and communist control over what will be former democracies and allies.

I can tell you right now that China will want to do this just prior to the 2024 election. I can also tell you that Biden will select the latter. He won’t defend Taiwan. He will surrender influence to China and even if a Trump or DeSantis is elected, the damage will have been done.

My fellow Patriots, this scenario is unavoidable. It’s going to happen. The longer we do nothing to prevent Chinese aggression, the more emboldened they will become.

Our foes respect strength and exploit weakness. Those are indisputable facts. And right now we are showcasing a level of weakness we have never seen before, not even under Carter. That’s saying a lot.

2024 will not only be a turning point for America, but for the world. This too, is an indisputable fact.

My friends, I have never been more excited and fearful at the same time. I believe in my heart that real Americans are finally wide awake and a big statement is coming, beginning in the upcoming midterms.

But until that statement is made, I also remain fearful that too many Americans prefer to live in their bubble of ignorance and either don’t want to know, or don’t care what is happening around them because they stupidly believe nothing bad can ever happen to them, their families and this country.

Let’s hope that’s not the case. We shall see. So until then my fellow Patriots, stay vigilant, stay aware and stay informed.

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