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Tales From The Mark Side: The Jan. 6 big lie

Tales from the Mark Side: The Conservative Voice in Manatee County

The Jan. 6 big lie

By Mark Young


Have you ever been in a relationship with a narcissistic pathological liar?

It’s no fun, but whether you think you have or not, you are in one now with the current administration and the liberals in power.

The difference is that normal folks like us don’t want to be in this relationship. We broke up from day one, but it’s like any bad marriage: We have to endure the pains of having someone we don’t like still in our life until the divorce is finalized.

What I don’t understand are the liberals out there who are lied to on a level I have never seen in my 30 years of following politics, and still want to stay married to those who lie to them.

We’ve devoted a lot of space to this administration’s lies, and still haven’t even scratched the surface, but it’s time to talk about the Jan. 6 lie.

If you have considered yourself to be “riveted” to the Jan. 6 committee hearings, you probably watch a lot of reality TV shows and believe they aren’t scripted.

If you are someone who thinks these Jan. 6 hearings aren’t scripted to fit one narrative, well, you probably also believe pro wrestling is real.

So if I’m blowing a hole in your delusion by telling you wrestling isn’t real and reality TV isn’t reality, my bad, but you needed to know.

And so you also need to know that these Jan. 6 committee hearings aren’t real either.

When it comes to liberals in general, as well as these ridiculous Jan. 6 hearings, I feel compelled to remind everyone what Adolph Hitler once said about telling the big lie: “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.”

Liberals, of course, have been lying to you for decades and they, for the most part, have been pretty good at it.

Here’s the part where I also remind you that those aren’t necessarily my words, but the words of the democrats themselves in the leaked DNC emails that got no attention because democrats quickly invoked the big Russian collusion lie to distract the sheep and uninformed.

If you really watch democrats in action like I do, it’s the same method they use time and again. I don’t blame them, because until recently, it has been successful so why fix something that wasn’t broken until now?

Liberals are good at seizing the moment and they hang onto their lies until it’s cold-stoned dead in the water. But most of the time, the damage has been done and that’s all they care about.

These Jan. 6 committee hearings run in that same vein. They have seized the opportunity and will sink their teeth into an incident like this one like a lion on the back of a water buffalo trying to bring it to its knees.

While the democrats lie repeatedly through their teeth, they get giddy about a situation like this one. To understand why is because they are able to grab a fraction of truth and expand the lie around the fraction.

It’s the ultimate form of manipulation to build an empire of a lie around an acre of truth.

The truth is, people did get out of control at the capital that day and that’s unfortunate. But to say it arose to the level of an “insurrection” or, “an attack on the capital,” is grossly negligent and inaccurate.

To blame it on Trump is another lie and that fact is indisputable. Trump said a few things that day, and since, that I don’t agree with, but he’s no more responsible for the actions of others than you or I am.

Until the day comes when democrats hold hearings on two years of BLM and Antifa burning down cities, attacking federal buildings and injuring federal officers, these hearings remain a farce based on that fact alone.

But here’s where the reality TV show that is the hearings you are watching gets scripted, and these are things that are already known. Nancy Pelosi stacked this committee with liberals and Trump-hating RINOs in an attempt to call it a bipartisan committee.

It’s not and we know it.

We also know that the democrats hired a Hollywood production crew to present video evidence of the so-called carnage and violence that took place.

As someone who spent a quarter century in journalism and the past decade or so as having to produce videos, I can tell you how it’s done.

Let’s just say my assignment was to cover an anti-gun rights rally at the Manatee County courthouse. Let’s just say six people showed up to protest the Second Amendment.

What you are required to do as a corporate media employee is produce a video that looks as impactful as possible. So you tighten all the footage into those six people so the crowd looks bigger.

You do as much B-roll footage as you can with the two signs that actually make it look and sound controversial. Let’s just say you are there for 20 minutes and three people out of the hundreds that drove by honked their horn in support.

You make sure that all three of those honking horns appear in your video to make it look like the majority of the people were supporting the anti-gun protestors.

I would never produce such a video mind you, but I know it’s been done at your local level.

That’s just journalists who manipulate what you see. Now you throw in a Hollywood production team and you are seeing some pretty intense footage from the capital at these hearings.

Never mind the fact that about a million people attended that rally and out of a million people, only a handful got out of control. Trust me, if a million allegedly armed people wanted to conduct an insurrection at the capital, it would have happened.

Nope, never mind reality because liberals never want you to see reality. They want you to go on and believe that pro wrestling is real and the antics on Jersey Shore are unscripted.

The latest emergency Jan. 6 hearing with this woman who alleges Trump lunged at a Secret Service agent in an attempt to force the agent to drive him to the capital is a joke. Every single agent that was in the presidential limousine, including the agent this woman names in her testimony is disputing her story.

And now we know that Cassidy Hutchinson wasn’t even there. It’s secondhand testimony that Pelosi’s pals felt the need to call an emergency meeting for and ensure hit the primetime airwaves.

Never mind the fact that physics alone would have made the allegation impossible. Nope, those pesky little facts don’t matter. It’s all about the lie, repeating the lie and getting the sheep to believe it.

I don’t know what Pelosi and the feds had on this Cassidy Hutchinson who is telling this latest proven lie.

Well, in fact, I do know. Because liberals don’t care about lying. They will continue lying because there are no consequences for it. They simply lie and even when it’s proven to be a lie, they simply move on to the next lie.

This has gone above and beyond the two-party system that is designed to promote democracy and spark philosophical debate. Today’s liberals have declared war on our great Republic and everything for which it stands.

Liberal lies, misinformation and distraction techniques are running rampant, but as always my fellow patriots, the truth is on our side, so stay vigilant, stay aware and stay informed.

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