These Are the Prettiest Water Bottles to Carry Around This Summer

Summer is the season of sweat. A blunt statement, I know, but there’s no arguing its truth. We’re spending hours outdoors, hiking our hearts out, and soaking up all that the warm-weather days have to offer. With so much activity and movement woven throughout our summer schedules, you can bet we’re looking for the best ways to stay hydrated all season. Enter, the cutest water bottles of 2022.

Whether you need a big bottle for weekend hikes, a high-tech, self-cleaning sipper (see #1), or an aesthetically pleasing vessel to increase your water intake, this list truly has it all. Get to scrolling and shopping, and prepare yourself for your most well-hydrated summer yet.

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The Best Water Bottles for Well-Hydrated Summer Fun

LARQ Bottle PureVis

Meet the self-cleaning water bottle I couldn’t help but tease above. You can select from the insulated or non-insulated option, and while you’re totally welcome to opt for the latter, the insulated style keeps water cool (or warm) for up to 24 hours. Yes, this is real life, y’all. So if you’re all about long weekend hikes or are simply planning to spend your summer outdoors (don’t forget the SPF!), this is your pick.

Meet the world’s first 2-in-1 self-cleaning water bottle and water purification system. This tech-driven bottle gets rid of up to 99% of bio-contaminants from your water and bottle.

LARQ Bottle PureVis, $99

Hydro Jug Arctic Glass Jugs

I don’t know about you, but one of the wellness goals at the top of my personal summer bucket list is to drink more water. And while it’s convenient to carry around a small-mouth bottle, I love this one’s wider design. Because truth be told, I enjoy my water with a healthy handful of ice. But more than that, this option’s thoughtful design and dual-function spout lets you handle and sip from a larger bottle with ease. No more spilling half your bottle before you can sip from it. Oh wait, just me?

If reaching new heights (re: elevations) is one of your summer to-do’s, this bottle will get you there. You can opt to fill it with ice and keep things cool or steep a warm beverage inside. The hydration options are endless.

Hydro Jug Arctic Glass Jugs, $47.99 (reg. $59.99)

Soma Glass Water Bottle With Handle

Hands down, Soma’s glass water bottles are my favorite options on the market. The sleek and sexy design makes keeping your bottle within reach less of an eyesore and more of a functional joy. Plus, the bottle’s easy-grip sleeve means you won’t have to worry about dropping it when you’re on the go. It’s lightweight while still ensuring that you’re getting the liquids you need.

Keep it nearby at your desk, tote it around town, or carry it in hand on shorter hikes. This shatter-resistant glass bottle is made for it all.

Soma Glass Water Bottle With Handle, $35

Waterdrop Starter Set Glass

Moment of appreciation for the undeniable cuteness that is this water bottle. This set is filled with everything you need to get your hydration habit going. The bottle is crafted from odor-free, ultra-resilient glass topped off with a bamboo cap to ensure zero leaks. Slide it into the neoprene sleeve for extra assurance. Lastly, if water’s flavor is just too… flavorless for you, rest assured you get a taster of all six of their water-boosting Microdrink flavors. Love, boost, Glow, Youth, Focus, and Zen? Sign me up.

If you’re someone for whom variety is the spice of life, you’ll fall in love with the fact that this water bottle comes in 12 different prints and colors. Which one will you make your go-to?

Waterdrop Starter Set Glass, $60 (reg. $72)

bkr Juniper 1L

This is my favorite bottle on the list. I’ve had my bkr one-liter bottle for about five years now (well, I’m on my second, following a tragic water bottle drop-and-smash on my way into work). Freak accidents aside, this water bottle is everything. The squishy but stylish neoprene sleeve keeps your glass bottle protected while the liter size ensures your daily water consumption is in check.

This bottle comes in a rainbow of options, and while I love my millennial pink pick, this juniper hue is totally on-trend while managing to feel evergreen—in every sense of the word.

bkr Juniper 1L, $48

W&P Porter Wide Mouth Water Bottle

I’m a huuuge fan of any and all of the kitchen, organization, and take-your-lunch-to-work life-savers W&P puts out. (I take full responsibility for helping my mom kick her Ziploc habit by getting her their set of Porter Bags.) The colors are fun while still feeling decidedly neutral, and the design of each and every product is considered and smart. Case in point, this wide-mouth bottle made for stylish, easy sippin’.

Its simple and understated while managing to also be decidedly chic. If kicking your plastic bottle habit is long overdue, make it happen with this sustainable choice.

W&P Porter Wide Mouth Water Bottle, $24 (reg. $30)

Hydro Flask Summer Days 40 oz Wide Mouth Bottle

If you follow what’s hot in the world of water bottles, then it’s likely that Hydro Flask has been on your radar for years. For the uninitiated, get ready to be blown away. Hydro Flask water bottles are widely known in the fitness, outdoor, and casual sippin’ worlds for their insulated design that effectively keeps water cold for, I kid you not, days. Some of their options might seem a little large or hard to handle, but trust me, these bottles make hydration a breeze.

Crafted from pro-grade stainless steel, this bottle will keep your bevvy cool for up to 24 hours and hot for a max of 12. Convenience, at your fingertips.

Hydro Flask Summer Days 40 oz Wide Mouth Bottle, $41.25 (reg. $55)

Anthropologie Monogram Water Bottle

Worried that a monogram water bottle might be an indication of cheug-ier tastes? While I’ve fully left the skinny jeans debate way the heck behind me (I’m a proponent of what’s comfortable and makes you feel best), I have to admit that monogram’s felt a bit, well, antiquated. All of that changed when I met this cuter-than-cute water bottle in all the made-for-summer color options.

Gift it to a friend, family member, or snag your letter for yourself. This stainless steel bottle is personalized perfection.

Anthropologie Monogram Water Bottle, $32

S’well Geode Rose Bottle

I have a friend who regularly refers to her S’well water bottles (yes, she has many) as her ride-or-die, daily life-savers. While this review of their bottles might lean a little more extreme, there’s no denying the truth of it. Their classically-designed shapes make their bottles super easy to handle and drink from, while their range of designs, colors, and prints lets you pick and choose the perfect bottle for you.

There’s so much to love about these bottles, but the trait I can’t help but highlight? These are sure to slide into any car cupholder with absolute ease. Because that’s important.

S’well Geode Rose Bottle, from $25

Yeti Rambler 18 Oz Bottle

Yeti’s making waves in the world of well-designed outdoor gear (there’s no denying the social capital their ubiquitous coolers hold). With a double-wall vacuum, you can rest assured your beverage of choice will stay at the exact temperature you want for hours on end. Whether you’re throwing it in your kayak for an on-the-water adventure, strapping it to your daypack for an all-day hike, or sliding it into your bag for work, you’ll have perfectly chilled water whenever you need it (to be clear, that’s always).

Want more from your water bottle? The Yeti Rambler is dishwasher-safe, shatter-resistant, and made for whatever’s in store for your summer days (and beyond!).

Yeti Rambler 18 Oz Bottle, $30

This post was originally published on July 12, 2019, and has since been updated.

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