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Confessions of a Conservative: ‘I am an ultra MAGA extremist’

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Confessions of a Conservative: ‘I am an ultra MAGA extremist’

By Mark Young


This movie sucks.

The screenplay feels like it was written by a group of kindergarteners under the influence of too much glue fumes after a construction paper project.

The director must be on LSD and the producer has to be some old burned out hippy who no longer has the mental capacity to understand reality.

It’s like Cheech and Chong teamed up with Rob Zombie to make a film. It’s too funny to be disturbing and too disturbing to be funny. It just leaves the audience literally dazed and confused.

Oh, wait. This is real life under the Biden administration.

Biden certainly leaves us dazed and confused. We can’t tell if he’s that delusional or a pathological liar.

Now, according to Biden, you can add the “ultra MAGA,” Republicans to the pandemic, the war in Ukraine, big oil and meat producers for the current financial crisis in America as we speed toward recession.

Biden actually said his economic policies, “help, not hurt the economy.”

Wow. It’s kind of like the beauty queen who claims during the interview segment of the pageant that she intends to achieve world peace.

It’s so far from reality you can’t even see it with the Hubble Telescope, which can see 13 billion light years away.

I love how Biden’s little red-headed minion Jen Psaki says, “every economist out there,” agrees with her boss.

No Jen, that’s a lie, too.

As much as I dislike Psaki, you have to feel a little bad for her for having to clean up so many messes made by Biden. She’s essentially a daycare worker who has to run around all day changing diapers and wiping up vomit.

But she’s a left-wing nut at heart, so I don’t feel that bad. I’d say I look forward to her departure but her replacement is a woman who is already telling lies herself and is in a lesbian relationship with a woman who works at CNN.

How that is not a conflict of interest is beyond me, but the left doesn’t care. They only care about law and order during the rare times a Conservative gets out of control. The law doesn’t exist at all for their leftist lunatic base. Why start implementing common sense now?

I mean Jan. 6 was an “armed insurrection,” and the DOJ is throwing its full resources into pursuing justice. Two years of BLM and ANTIFA burning down cities was “peaceful protests,” on the other hand.

President Trump was impeached over something he didn’t do. Biden actually did what Trump was accused of, but crickets from the left. Hillary Clinton has violated multiple federal laws, but oh, nothing to see here, please move on.

Pro-choice nutcases gather to brag about their abortions at the homes of Supreme Court justices without understanding the facts involved and violating federal law by doing so. And yet they are supported and encouraged by this White House.

Let’s be real, if it was pro-life women protesting outside the homes of one of the liberal justices, there would be tear gas and police in riot gear.

What’s happening in real life is like that Cheech and Chong/Rob Zombie movie if it was ever actually made. It makes no sense whatsoever.

The liberals are so desperate now. They have nothing to run on and have screwed everything up so bad, they are reverting to blaming Trump and those of us who support his policies that were indeed making America great again.

Not just Trump supporters, mind you, but the “Ultra MAGA extremists.”

That’s hysterical and so very sad at the same time, like everything else about this administration. So those of us who actually do love America have gone from our basket of deplorables to ultra MAGA extremists.

While Biden means it as an insult while he completely lies about Rick Scott’s tax plan – which, by the way isn’t supported by other Republicans and is Scott’s plan alone – it’s no more of an insult than Clinton’s deplorable comments.

We wear that stuff like a badge of honor. And quite frankly, you bet your ass I’m an ultra MAGA extremist. When it comes to defending my beloved America and what it actually represents, I’ll ride the extremist train all day long.

If Biden and the left think Conservative values are extreme, well then so be it. So Biden and the left can stick their delusional fantasies where the sun doesn’t shine.

As always, my fellow Patriots, stay vigilant, stay aware, stay informed and keep spreading the truth. This is a generational fight we are embroiled in to save this country.

We must not only defeat the left in the next two election cycles, we must drive this insanity from our nation and purge this leftist disease once and for all. 

God bless you for being a Patriot warrior in this fight and may God continue to bless this great nation.

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