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An absurd new attack on freedom of speech as the left ramps up their war on America

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An absurd new attack on freedom of speech as the left ramps up their war on America

By Mark Young


I think we all have to acknowledge that it’s impossible under this administration to have anyone capable of representing America’s strength to the world.

I mean really, who would it be? We already know it’s not Biden or Harris who project the opposite of strength every time they get in front of a camera.

Who then? Mayorkas? Breast-feeding Pete Buttigiege? Biden’s new disinformation czar, the Mary Poppins singing Nina Jankowicz? (We’ll get to her in a minute.)

Department of Energy secretary Jennifer Granholm who thinks we need a, “magic wand,” to lower energy prices? A secretary of defense who is inserting the left’s wokness into our very own military?

So for real, who in this administration can project the strength we need right now as the world falls apart under Biden?

Well, much to my horror, apparently this administration’s choice was to send Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff to Ukraine to project America’s strength and unity with President Zelensky.

God help us.

Pelosi visiting Ukraine is like having that crazy aunt who wears clown makeup and a moo moo dress spontaneously visit your new love interest without you knowing to “check them out.”

It would leave you mortified and embarrassed, just as we all were left seeing Pelosi in Ukraine. Talking to Pelosi is like having a conversation with the crazy homeless guy who changes the subject 12 times in the course of a single sentence.

Lying Adam Schiff is just an embarrassment on a whole other level. His treasonous actions and deliberate lies to the American people during the Trump administration shouldn’t even have him in Congress much less playing the role of diplomat.

If you asked a liberal about Schiff five or six years ago, they would have hailed him as an American hero. Ask a liberal about Schiff today and the silence is deafening.

It’s kind of like asking a Biden supporter, “How’d that work out for you?” Crickets.

But staying on the same theme of introducing crazy family members to a new love interest, Schiff is like that shady uncle in the family you save for the very last so you have time to prepare your new partner to never be in the same room alone with him.

He’s the cigar-smoking used car salesman who sweats profusely into an ever-present glass of scotch, and who has an unnatural desire to hang around park playgrounds. You essentially make sure your new partner has sworn they will love you forever before you introduce them to that uncle, or in this case, Schiff.

But let’s get back to Jankowicz and Biden’s decision to even create this so-called disinformation board. 

Did you see the video of Jankowicz singing her version of a Mary Poppins song about disinformation? I haven’t seen crazy eyes on a woman like that since watching Amber Heard in the Johnny Depp civil trial.

Just one look at Jankowicz and I can see images of her squatting over the bed after a fight with her husband and leaving a big steaming pile of poop on the sheets like Heard did.

But then again, whatever man would marry such a nutcase might like that sort of thing.

This disinformation board is a direct attack on free speech and an attempt to strip that God-given right away from you. Make no mistake about it and this action is another direct step closer to a declaration of war on everything America represents.

Jankowicz, of course, is someone who called Hunter Biden’s laptop scandal a, “Trump campaign product,” while insisting that the fake dossier and Russian collusion was 100% legitimate.

And she’s in charge of curtailing disinformation? If it wasn’t for the fact that this administration is so dangerous to America, it would be the funniest reality show on television. It’s just absurd.

And speaking of free speech, I see a lot of Conservatives throwing some hate toward Elon Musk’s past decisions, thinking they are exposing Musk for the liberal he is.

You all need to knock that off and here’s why. First of all, people can change. I’m no fan of Musk and who he has supported politically in the past or some of his illicit activities as a typical billionaire.

However, Musk isn’t stupid and like other former left-leaning people, he sees the writing on the wall and the dangers represented within the progressive movement.

His actions regarding Twitter are a fight for freedom of speech. If he does nothing else with the rest of his life that I find appealing, I credit him for taking this action and he deserves that recognition.

As I’ve said before, when people like Musk and Bill Maher distance themselves from today’s democrats, it’s an incredible show of awareness that gives Conservatives hope that not all liberals are lunatics. Most are, however.

I can’t close today without offering my prayers to the Judd family with the loss of Naomi. Her courage through her battle with mental illness was inspiring.

The fact that the family is saying she lost that specific battle is disheartening and my gut tells me that the actual cause of death will be even sadder in the end.

I can’t speak directly of Naomi because I didn’t know her. I’m not one of these people who overreact emotionally over a celebrity’s death for that very reason. I’m more of a, “Oh, that’s too bad,” kind of person and move on with my day.

But I do feel the loss a little more than normal when it comes to Naomi because of her brave and very public battle. Lord only knows how many people she helped by being so honest about her own mental illness.

So Godspeed Naomi Judd. You’ll probably hear the words I crave to hear, but to be honest probably won’t when Jesus meets you and says, “Well done my faithful servant.”

I offer my prayers to ease the grief of the Judd family and to Naomi’s legion of fans. God bless all of you.

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