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Bradenton Officer Receives Life Saving Award

On January 29, 2022, Officer Jessica Sirignano was traveling home from work when she came upon a vehicle crash involving a motorcycle on US 41 in Palmetto. The crash had taken place several minutes before she arrived, and no other emergency personnel were on scene yet. She immediately turned her patrol vehicle around and started to assist. The motorcycle riders, a husband and wife, were both critically injured in the crash. The female’s leg was decapitated below the knee, and she was losing a significant amount of blood. Officer Sirignano applied a tourniquet and rendered CPR until the female regained consciousness. Once she was breathing, Officer Sirignano turned her attention to the male. He also had significant injuries and was losing blood. She took his belt off and made a make-shift tourniquet to slow the bleed and, again, rendered CPR. Manatee County EMS arrived shortly after that and took over emergency medical procedures. 

Both parties were transported to the hospital, where, unfortunately, the male succumbed to his injuries. Despite losing her leg, the female survived the crash and is making a full recovery. 

Officer Sirignano is credited with saving the life of the female motorcycle rider. Chief Melanie Bevan will present her with the agency’s Life Saving Award at the Bradenton City Council meeting in front of City officials, the survivor of the crash with her family, agency members, and the public.

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