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Michael J. Fox to star in “Back to the Border”

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Michael J. Fox to star in “Back to the Border”

By Mark Young


I don’t always get excited about what so-called celebrities are up to, but I’m pretty stoked about Fox reviving an old character in a Trump Studios production of, “Back to the Border.”

The plot requires Marty McFly to travel back to 2020 to convince Doc Brown that America faces a crisis at the southern border if Biden is elected.

Essentially, McFly explains that millions of illegal immigrants make a mad dash to the border because Biden opened the floodgates. McFly tells Doc in the opening scene that among the illegals are criminals, including rapists and murderers, gang members and sex traffickers.

McFly says that as of early 2022, 43 terrorists have tried to cross the border and officials have no clue how many bad guys have made it into the country unchecked.

“Great Scott,” Doc exclaims!

But McFly explains that’s not the worst of it. He tells Doc that Biden has blood on his hands because he’s allowing the Chinese to work with Mexican drug cartels to bring record amounts of fentanyl into the country to intentionally kill Americans.

Doc is flabbergasted, but McFly continues to explain that most of the media isn’t even covering what’s happening at the southern border, that the vice president of the United States is in charge and isn’t doing anything and that Biden himself hasn’t even gone to the border.

McFly then explains that the media is giving more coverage to a civil trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard than they are giving to national security issues at the border.

“What are we going to do, Doc?” McFly asks in a panic.

Doc ponders this question for a moment before saying, “We have to go back to the border.”

Cue the music and opening credits, and the movie tries to change the course of history by ensuring Biden is never elected.

Wouldn’t that be nice?

Between the war in Ukraine and the Depp trial, it proves how easily distracted liberals are, but fortunately Conservatives can walk and chew gum at the same time. Liberals, on the other hand, can only focus in small increments of time before the next shiny object draws their attention away.

Our attention, however, has been focused on multiple things over the past 16 months. We haven’t had a lot of choice in that matter because it’s been one massive failure after another. Now our attention returns back to the Hunter Biden scandal where so many of us are so close to that, “I told you so,” moment – even though we are pretty much to that point.

Did you see recently where Biden bragged he was one of the poorest senators ever, “Because I don’t believe you should make money as a senator.”

I literally laughed out loud considering the millions of foreign dollars the Biden criminal family empire has raked in over the years. Just because Biden had his corrupt son pay all of the bills with money made with Biden’s illegal help doesn’t count Joe.

Liberals don’t even acknowledge Biden’s outright lies of not knowing anything his son was up to even though evidence points to not only Biden knowing, but his obvious involvement.

Facts don’t matter because liberals can’t process rational thoughts, as science has proven.

But we certainly haven’t taken our eye off the ball when it comes to Biden’s first self-made crisis at our southern border. And just when you think Biden couldn’t do something more stupid than what he’s already done, he is doubling down on ending Title 42.

Title 42, of course, is a Trump-era policy created as a public health emergency to allow border agents to simply load up illegals and take them back across the border.

No fuss, no muss. Easy peasy. Even a lot of democrats are jumping off Biden’s sinking ship when it comes to that.

So as Biden says he will appeal a federal judge’s ruling that bans his mask mandates, at the same time Biden is once again saying that COVID doesn’t exist at the southern border.

Nope, nothing to see here.

Other than Trump and Ronald Reagan, I swear the White House is where common sense goes to die. It’s like an elephant graveyard where old elephants that know they are dying, travel to their final destination.

We keep getting these politicians who walk into the White House where every ounce of common sense they have is buried in a hidden graveyard.

In Biden’s case, it would be a common sense coffin the size of a thimble because he’s never had much to speak of in the first place.

As I write this on a beautiful Sunday morning amidst mating season out on the pond where poor female ducks are being violently jumped by horny male ducks, it is 198 days to the midterms.

Unfortunately, we don’t have McFly, Doc and the time-traveling DeLorean on the case. It remains up to us. We can’t change the past, but we do have the power to change the future.

I just hope it’s not too late to undo the damage already created and the amount of damage Biden is capable of causing in the next 198 days.

If I had a hold of that DeLorean, I’d certainly use it for good, but I’d love to get a glimpse into early 2023 because that should be about the time we start seeing presidential candidates making official announcements.

Can you say Trump/DeSantis ticket?

Lord, I hope so. Trump only needs four years to reverse Biden’s course. He’s the only one that can quickly pull us out of this fire. After that, eight glorious years of President DeSantis sounds about right.

As always Patriots, stay vigilant, stay aware and stay informed. The great Conservative movement is well underway.

Prayers for and to the family of that Texas National Guard soldier who gave up his life while rescuing two illegal immigrants. The two immigrants are now in custody for trafficking in drugs.

This man is a hero, but it’s sad to sacrifice a fine young American for the lives of two illegal drug traffickers. God bless that soldier and to him I say, Until Valhalla.

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