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The real loser in the DeSantis vs. Disney battle? The media … yet again

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The real loser in the DeSantis vs. Disney battle? The media … yet again

By Mark Young


Once again we’ve witnessed the blatant dishonesty of the media while “reporting” on Gov. Ron DeSantis and the Florida Legislature’s sex education bill.

Unfortunately, we’ve also witnessed yet again just how mentally challenged the left really is.

I’ll get to that, but let’s address the latest media meltdown and what has become a constant misinformation campaign.

At the heart of the unnecessary controversy is the part of the bill that denies educators the opportunity to discuss sexual orientation for K-3rd grade students.

Why this is even a controversy is beyond me. No educator in their right mind should even consider having sexual discussions with children of this age group. I’d say if there is any controversy at all, it’s the fact that I don’t think the bill takes it far enough.

In my humble opinion, sex education shouldn’t even be considered in the elementary stage of education at all. If parents want to start those conversations at that age, then that should be their right. But the educational system should stay out of the subject until at least sixth grade or so if you follow the statistics regarding sexually active children.

Not to start sounding like the old man in this group, but in my day, sex education was pretty basic. It had to do with the biological realities of males and females. When it came time to discuss how individual parts of the body worked when it came to sexual function, boys and girls were split up into different classrooms.

In sixth grade, was it really necessary yet for girls to learn all the details of how a penis works during sex? I’d say the answer is no and it’s also a no to boys needing to know how a vagina worked at that age.

Hell, most of us guys still don’t know how a vagina works.

I’m kidding of course – kind of – but my point is that no sex education is necessary through elementary school, much less any discussion regarding sexual orientation. It was confusing enough just trying to discover our own bodies at that age.

I realize that more middle school-aged students are becoming sexually active than ever before, but the percentages are still fairly low at 9% and at about 5% of sixth graders.

That’s an alarming statistic in and of itself, but again, it’s a parental problem, and not up to educators to teach the complexities of sex to children that young. And again, it should be the basic biology of how the body works when sex education begins.

To even think about having a teacher go further than that, to include the even deeper complexities of sexual orientation, to children between 5-8 years old is beyond disturbing.

Anyone supporting such nonsense should be given one of those tests they give to child molestors to see what kind of images they find sexually exciting. It’s a disgusting concept.

So, the bottom line is that the bill just reflects common sense. And polls show that the overwhelming number of people agree with that. My problem, of course, remains with those who oppose it.

Part of that issue is the mentally challenged left. The other part is the mentally challenged media, which dubbed the legislation the, “Don’t say Gay Bill.”

It’s just nonsense. The bill never even mentions the word gay and refers to the fact that sexual orientation of any kind should not be taught to these young minds.

To say the legislation is anti-gay or anti-trans is a flat out lie, but the media is beyond caring about their ethical responsibilities anymore.

But as usual, the mentally challenged left were so easily duped by yet another media disinformation campaign. Actor Ron Pearlman, who clearly did not read the bill, and more likely only read the, “Don’t say Gay,” headlines, blew a gasket.

Pearlman, in a profanity-laced Twitter rant called DeSantis a Nazi pig. And we saw the little, “Gay, gay, gay, gay,” chant from Hollywood idiots at the Oscars, who took a shot at Florida, as well.

It shows how easily the left continues to be manipulated by media lies.

If there is good news in all of this, America very quickly came to understand that the media was lying and fired back. This is probably the quickest I’ve seen America shrug off the efforts of the media to influence a subject through lies.

It shows we are starting to pay attention, and that the majority of Americans have come to realize, in more and more numbers, that the media cannot be trusted.

Polls I saw in October show that 11% of Republicans trust the media while 31% of democrats do. Not sure who these 11% of Republicans are, but the media has gone so far to lose the trust of two-thirds of democrats. That’s saying a lot.

It doesn’t say much for those 31% of democrats, though. But as I’ve said many times before, that’s the base of the party that democrats can always count on. They know they have to fool the rest and their ability to do so is waning.

As an insider who witnessed firsthand the media’s downward spiral into lefty lunacy, my heart is lifted by the awareness that is taking place within Americans, who refuse to be part of the gullible flock any longer.

As far as Pearlman calling our great governor a, “Nazi pig,” well, Pearlman has simply outed himself as just another moron and yet another actor I liked that I won’t be watching anymore.

Not because he’s shown himself to be another Hollywood lefty, but because I just have no tolerance for stupidity and ignorance. And also, because he attacked my governor, a man we are blessed to have leading this state of freedom.

Nope, that just doesn’t work for me.

So people like Pearlman, Wanda Sykes, and others can stay in their Hollywood bubbles all they want. I just wish those bubbles were soundproof so the rest of us didn’t have to hear that level of nonsense.

Disney’s decision to go public, and to double down on the, “Don’t Say Gay,” fake narrative, was an extremley poor and disappointing choice.

Disney has been going woke for awhile, but now they jumped over a line you can’t really come back from. Once you really prove you’re an idiot, you can’t ever change that reality.

For a corporation that was designed to entertain children, to show support for sexually educating our youngest children is one of the most digusting decisions I’ve ever seen made by a corporation. And I worked for media corporations for a quarter century, so that’s saying a lot.

Disney executives have lost their ever-loving minds and are letting their LBGTQ-RSTVZ4$XP0Y (or whatever the group is called nowadays) to roll all over them in their desperate attempt to display their wokeness for all to see.

Well, congratulations Disney. We see.

I’d love to say I’m never going to Disney again, but the truth is, I had no plans to ever do so again anyway. Disney World sucks, to be blunt.

I love how DeSantis fights for Conservative common sense values. And I love how he fights back when those values are challenged. I hope he yanks that decades-old law that allows Disney to essentially be its own government.

Disney, in the meantime, has long-term plans to expand in other countries, to include close to a dozen countries where homosexuality is not only illegal, but can get you killed.

The hypocrisy of their wokeness speaks volumes about these corporations who attack American common sense, but stay silent when it comes to foreign cash from governments that oppress free speech and individual liberties.

Thank you Gov. DeSantis. Thank you for your leadership. It’s no surprise that you are crushing any and all challenges in recent polls. Especially that political poser, Charlie Crist, but that’s another topic for another day.

God bless America and God bless Florida.

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