Let’s Talk, new video content from Manatee Herald premiers today at 8:00 am

In the premiere episode of “Lets Talk”, we sit down with Mark Young and discuss his passion for national and local politics. Mark is an Army veteran, an award-winning journalist, and opinion writer of the column, Tales of the Mark Side that can be found on Manatee Herald.


We are excited to introduce to you a new feature of Manatee Herald!  We are starting to film a video podcast of sorts, short interviews in a simple format of open dialog to talk with local leaders, politicians, candidates, first responders, influencers, entrepreneurs, veterans, and everyday local folks.  We are going to call this new series, Let’s Talk.  Let’s Talk will be free just like everything else on Manatee Herald.  After all, there isn’t anything more annoying than clicking on an article or video just to get stopped by a content paywall.  Local news shouldn’t be something you have to pay for and we feel like these also fall in that category.

You have all come to know Mark Young with his column, Tales of the Mark Side.  Today you get to know the man behind the words. He’s an Army veteran, an experienced journalist, a conservative Republican, and he tells it like it is.

The emphasis is on our guests, but here is a little bit about me, your host, Dennis Cooley.  I was born in Bradenton.  I grew up here and I’m proud of Manatee County and excited about its future.  With our land and natural resources, great people and business-friendly environment, our beautiful weather and protected individual liberties, we have an opportunity to do many great things.  A predominately conservative community like Manatee County should have a news outlet that is in line with its principles.  It is for this reason, I started Manatee Herald to give conservatives an option and also to protect my hometown as it grows.  Let’s Talk is an opportunity to also give it a voice.  That isn’t to say we won’t give our liberal friends some air time too.  It is important to get a fair and balanced perspective.  I hope you will join me for a short time each week. 

Our goal is to keep these under 30 minutes.  This should be just long enough to have a meaningful conversation without dragging on too long.  This is out of respect for your time as well as our guests.

It is also our goal to have a new episode for you weekly, publishing on Wednesdays.  Being premier week, this week is different, we will have two episodes, one today and one Thursday. 

If you have any suggestions for people you would like to see on the show, please let us know.

There are opportunities to sponsor episodes to help us pay for all this, the website, and journalist content, app development, and more.  As much as we like delivering these services to you for free, our vendors don’t have the same model.  So, if you would like to shift your advertising dollars to a local conservative news site and sponsor content like this to help our cause, please send an email to editor@manateeherald.com.

If you just want to support our efforts, we have an option for that too, just click the image below.

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