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Democrat manipulation tactics have been practiced since the Civil War

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Democrat manipulation tactics have been practiced since the Civil War

By Mark Young


Democrats began to learn the value of misinformation as early as the birth of the Republican Party.

You need to look no further than the American Civil War, and unfortunately how our educational system aligned with the “Lost Cause” doctrine set forth by democrats following the Confederacy’s defeat.

The “Lost Cause” doctrine essentially shifted the focus away from the fact that the Civil War was indeed largely about slavery to it being a state rights issue.

It’s important to know that effective manipulation is inserting a series of falsehoods into a small portion of truth. It’s something that liberals have done so well for decades upon decades.

It was an easy argument to make, especially when you did have some prestigious Confederate leaders like Gen. Robert E. Lee. For Lee, who was about as anti-slavery as they come, chose to fight for the south because for him, it was indeed about state rights. Lee, however, would not tolerate a federal military invasion into his beloved state of Virginia no matter the reason.

Lee believed so much in individual state rights he turned down the offer to lead the Union army, and instead fought them as the military leader of the Confederacy.

So the “Lost Cause” papers are a manipulation of the truth, something the democrats have become extremely effective at doing ever since. Yes, the Civil War was about state rights, but it was about southern democrats wanting those state rights to continue the abhorrent practice of slavery.

The “Lost Cause” doctrine was seen as a way to manipulate the American people after the Civil War to ease federal pressure on those former Confederate states to speed up the reunification process.

But it came at a cost to African Americans and their individual liberties that took several more decades to win back as democrats regained political power through the reunification process.

Democrats rewarded Republicans for their efforts with betrayal as they then fought once again to suppress the black vote at the local levels with state policies.

This all took place in contradiction to federal laws created under the Grant administration to ensure blacks were afforded all of the liberties granted by the Constitution and an assurance that “All men are created equal.”

The insistence that the Civil War was never about slavery, rather than state rights is still argued today. The state rights issue is more prevalent in what is taught in our schools more so than the reality that Republicans went to war with democrats to free human beings from bondage.

So it begs the question as to why blacks have supported a democratic party that fought a war to keep them in chains and forced labor, and then formed the Ku Klux Klan to continue to violently suppress blacks for decades to come.

African Americans were largely Republicans in the years following the Civil War and though they began to self identify as democrats over the decades, are considered the most “conservative bloc” of the party, according to a very interesting piece published by Princeton University just a year ago.

It’s pretty ironic that people like Joe Biden keep accusing Republicans of “Jim Crow” era politics when it was the southern Democrats of the 19th Century who began to reemerge as a southern political power that kept African American individual liberties suppressed until well into the 20th Century.

It wasn’t until the 1960s Civil Rights movement that the south began to become a Republican stronghold. Ironically, it was the black population that began migrating north for better opportunities that the north then transitioned into a stronger democratic demographic.

So the question remains: Why do blacks remain loyal to the party that has suppressed them throughout history and continues to do so today?

The book explains that the, “Adherence with this norm of Democratic Party support is (ensured) through a set of social rewards and penalties which recognize compliance and punish defection of racial group members.”

That essentially defines the socialist and welfare style programs that are designed to manipulate and control the poor population and keep them from pursuing their own American dreams.

This also is evident in the leaked DNC emails no one wants to talk about where today’s democrats denigrate and explain their manipulation of minority voters. These are the same voters that in essence, democrats still despise but need, in order to maintain power in today’s America.

That’s not 1860 talking. That’s straight out of the DNC emails just four years ago.

Today, we are finally starting to see a shift. Hispanics are coming over to the Republican Party in droves and after decades of realizing they have been manipulated by century-old democrat policies, African Americans are starting to return to the party that has supported individual freedoms from the beginning.

We are seeing more and more black Conservative leaders spreading these truths. And as always when telling the truth, it has taken courage as these black leaders have had to endure the typical liberal attacks.

Conservatives, in my opinion, have always done a poor job in explaining these realities to the American public as a whole. Perhaps we falsely assumed that our educational system was doing its job when it comes to teaching factual American history.

We know now that the educational system, for the most part, has been aligning with liberal policies alongside big tech and the corporate media.

Conservatives, and the truth, are being assailed at every level and for too long, we have failed to mount an effective campaign against liberal lies.

The reality has been that it’s just our conservative nature, which, again, is why we have always been called the silent majority. And again, why we no longer can afford to be silent.

The good news is that the shift is happening thanks mostly to strong black conservatives who are preaching the truth, and partly because the liberal lies have become so blatant and outrageous, they have stepped too far away from the tactics of effective manipulation.

Leftist democrats are not saviors of anything. They destroy just about everything they touch. Guns and soldiers can win wars, but as always, it’s “the truth that shall set you free.”

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