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The Hillary Clinton Comedy Hour debuts, and it was hysterical

The Hillary Clinton Comedy Hour debuts, and it was hysterical

By Mark Young


Don’t know if you got the chance to see Hillary Clinton’s “MasterClass” video where she read the speech she thought was destined to be her presidential victory speech.

The parts where she started to bawl were especially hysterical.

First and foremost, I couldn’t believe none of the media outlets picked up on the fact that she called her special, “MasterClass.”

I’m pretty sure that was intentional in trying to acknowledge, albeit in a subtle way, that she is part of the master class of society and wanted the world to know that, in her mind, she was entitled to be president.

It’s funny how those who dislike President Trump like to keep saying how he couldn’t acknowledge his 2020 loss to crazy Joe Biden when Clinton, five years later, still believes she was robbed. At least, in Trump’s case, there are legitimate issues pertaining to the election such as actual voter fraud, GOP suppression at polling stations, and an unprecedented mail out of ballots to God knows who.

I’m not saying Trump won, but I’m not saying he didn’t. The truth is, we just don’t really know for sure. Not so in the case of Hillary Clinton where we know for sure she got appropriately thumped.

I do know this, however, if President Trump had done a special called, “MasterClass,” the left-wing media would have jumped all over it’s white supremacist comparison. I mean really, it certainly was a class, much less a master class. Why name it that? Well, I already gave you the answer.

I honestly can’t think of anyone else in the world who would have filmed herself reading a would-be victory speech after such a historical defeat. Who does such a thing?

Clinton not only did it, but followed it up with interviews bashing Trump and trying to instill fear that a return of Trump to the White House, “Would be a danger to democracy.”

Oh, the irony of it all. Like Democracy is somehow safe in the hands of Biden. We saw how safe it is in Afghanistan. We see how safe it is with Russians preparing to invade Ukraine, China planning to invade Taiwan and all of our adversaries all of a sudden getting to be buddy-buddy as they line up against us militarily and politically.

We are about as safe as a rat at a cat kennel. Liberals continue to skip along wearing those oblivious rose-colored glasses like the world is made of flowers and teddy bears.

They simply have no concept that very real military powers in the world would love to kill and enslave Americans. I’d love to say it must be nice to live in that fantasy, but those delusions represent a danger to the rest of us, which is why they and their kind should never be able to hold power.

Clinton is the one who attempted to usurp democracy by orchestrating the Russian hoax that spread more division across this country than has been seen since the Civil War.

Let’s do a quick recap of who Hillary Clinton really is.

Clinton violated federal law by using an unsecured personal server for national security purposes. When caught, she wiped servers clean, thus violating federal law. Those she couldn’t wipe clean, she smashed and managed to “lose” 33,000 emails, thus violating federal law.

The fake dossier against Trump was tied back to Clinton.

Clinton allowed a small group of Americans to fight a 13-hour battle in Benghazi, doing nothing for those Americans trying to defend American territory and an American ambassador. Her inaction resulted in that ambassador’s execution and the deaths of three American heroes.

Clinton then directed a misinformation campaign trying to convince the American people the terrorist attack was a spontaneous action as a result of the poor terrorists being upset over some anti-Islamic movie on YouTube.

When this was proven to be untrue, Clinton testified, “What difference does it make,” how and why those Americans were killed.

In her first presidential bid in 2008, Clinton claimed she came under sniper fire after landing in Bosnia, which proved to be a lie. Even the left-wing media, which weren’t quite as bad as they are today, called her out on that fib.

The Clinton Foundation raised tens of millions of dollars for Hatian earthquake relief that never made it to Haiti. The Foundation was investigated and it was learned Hillary Clinton, as Secretary of State, had been conducting a “pay to play” game giving personal access to foreign donors to the foundation.

Clinton was personally responsible as Secretary for State for pushing the Obama administration to sell Uranium One to the Russians, giving one of our primary adversaries 20% control over the planet’s uranium used for nuclear weapons.

As usual, I only have so much space and the list of legal and ethical violations go on and on.

And Clinton has the gall to call Trump a “danger to democracy.” So no, no one in their right mind has any sympathy for this traitor and her tears.

And yet, everywhere Clinton goes, there are liberal sheep swooning at the very sight of their hero. It’s disgusting and truly shows the liberal state of mind.

Hillary Clinton never shed a tear for the Americans she got killed. She never shed a tear for the thousands of Hatians she never helped. She never shed a tear for selling out the security of America that could get millions of Americans killed. She never shed a tear for the bloodshed that still takes place today after her failed Libya policies.

Hillary Clinton is only capable of shedding a tear for one thing: her own delusional Master Class ego.

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