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A WAPO LOL and a year of Biden blunders

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A WAPO LOL and a year of Biden blunders

By Mark Young


I have to wonder, who are the 40% or less who still support Joe Biden? In my mind, I just see a bunch of circus monkeys sitting in a circle filling out polls for the DNC.

But then I start to see the comments some of you leave for me, and I realize with great concern that there are real people who think Biden is actually doing a good job.

It must be terrifying to live within a liberal mind. Or then again, maybe it’s wonderful being blissfully unaware of reality? Either way, I’m glad I don’t have a liberal brain.

Clearly one of those people who thinks Biden walks on water is an editorial writer for the Washington Post.

WAPO’s liberal columnist Dana Milbank suggests that Joe Biden has received harsher treatment from the media than President Trump did.

I’m not sure what Milbank is smoking, but he looks like one of those 1960s hippy types still fully engulfed in some kind of purple haze to make that comparison. I actually started laughing as I read it, thinking that maybe it was satire.

Sadly, it wasn’t. He really believes what he is saying. But then again so do some of you who leave your baseless comments that hold as much substance as a spaghetti strainer holds water.

Milbank cites several headlines where the media has raised concerns about Biden’s administration and the future of the Democrat Party heading into the next two election cycles.

All legitimate headlines, by the way, but the articles cited are mostly media attempts to advise their liberal allies that the days of fooling the American people are coming to an end. This “negative” portrayal of Biden prompts Milbank to write, “My colleagues in the media are serving as accessories to the murder of democracy.”

Remember kids, just say no to drugs. This is a prime example of what happens when you kill brain cells.

Milbank continues down his delusional path by attacking Trump, going so far as to saying 45 “waged a racist campaign against Black Lives Matter.”

Oh boy. Where did this guy’s parents go wrong? Did they drop this guy on his head one too many times as a baby? 

Milbank, of course, fails to acknowledge the media’s four-year misinformation campaign. I hate to bring up facts, because I know they don’t matter to some of my haters here, but as we all know, everything the media reported about Trump was proven to be untrue.

On the other hand, Biden’s failures thus far are without dispute. If he’s getting those “harsh” headlines, as Milbank points out, well, they are most definitely deserved.

Shall we take a little look at what Biden has done so far?

  • Inflation is at a 30-year high. This administration kept pushing a false narrative that Americans being hit squarely in the wallet is only temporary and that COVID is to blame.
  • Inflation was kicked into high gear by Biden’s disastrous energy policy. With a stroke of a pen, Biden ended America’s energy independence, giving full production control back to foreign suppliers.
  • In a different stroke of the pen, Biden approved Russian pipelines that give our long-time adversary hell bent on returning to Soviet-era supremacy control of energy production over our NATO allies.
  • Biden has lost complete control of illegal immigration by ending Trump policies that were, at long last, getting the southern border under control. The consequences have been surges in human and drug trafficking.
  • This, of course, coincides with the Biden administration’s firm belief that COVID doesn’t exist at the southern border and only tests illegal immigrants if they are showing “obvious symptoms,” before bussing them into American communities. In the meantime, Americans are not getting the same carefree treatment when it comes to COVID.
  • Biden orchestrated a complete disgrace in Afghanistan by turning an honorable planned withdrawal into a full scale surrender. His inept leadership led to 13 American warriors being killed and all he could do about it is check his watch as their flag-draped coffins returned home.
  • Biden swore up and down that he was the only one who could stop the virus and even declared July 4 as Independence Day from the virus.
  • More people have died from COVID under Biden’s watch, than under Trump’s. And now Biden and his Democrat comrades are trying to use Omicron as the latest scare tactic to exert more control over American freedoms.
  • Biden called Trump a xenophobe for shutting down travel from China, but shut down travel from South Africa for a variant that is slightly worse than a cold.
  • So COVID is dangerous again, according to Biden, but apparently not at the southern border where there is no such thing as viruses or fentanyl trafficking.
  • Biden has still not challenged China on the origins of COVID even though the rest of the world already knows what happened, but we’ve covered that already.

This is just a small sampling of the damage Biden has caused. Unfortunately, our adversaries abroad rightfully see Biden as a weak leader. The real damage is yet to come, so as always Patriots, stay vigilant. 

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