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China’s deadly chess game as Biden puts America at risk of checkmate

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China’s deadly chess game as Biden puts America at risk of checkmate

By Mark Young


Most people don’t know that Gen. Alexander Haig, who served as President Nixon’s Chief of Staff was heavily involved in the original making of “Red Dawn.”

I was in the Army when that movie came out and immediately recognized the reality within the fiction of Haig’s knowledge of outside threats and his historical understanding of post-invasion life under a brutal foreign regime.

While the movie centered around a group of high school students forming a resistance to the invasion, Haig’s story within the story is what most moviegoers just looking for some action entertainment failed to recognize.

Haig brilliantly, but subtly laid out the vulnerability of how easy it really is for an invading force to overtake much of the country before true patriots could rally to fight back. Unfortunately, a lot of damage would be done before that could happen.

America’s nuclear deterrent isn’t always a guaranteed safety net and 1984 didn’t even take into account today’s precision strike capability and how devastating a surprise first strike would be in crippling America’s power supply and military infrastructure.

It could most certainly happen, but so many live in their bubbles and think we are invincible. Look at what happened on 911 with a dozen or so terrorists and a handful of hijacked airplanes.

Imagine the damage that could be done if that planned attack was done on a much larger scale with precision military strikes in combination with thousands of terrorist cells acting at once, and followed by a full scale invasion by a larger military force with a scorched earth mandate behind them.

Haig knew how vulnerable we really are, and in fleeting admissions since the Afghanistan withdrawal debacle combined with China’s massive military expansion and technological advancements that are surpassing our own, today’s military leaders know it too.

And now we are finding out more and more about just how much influence our premier enemy in China has over this current president.

I have always been bewildered by Biden’s lack of strength overall. After all, he was the only person in the room that didn’t want to kill Osama Bin Laden. It has been particularly curious as to his kowtowing to China, but we are learning why.

We are also learning why Biden is pushing electric vehicles now that China owns the majority of the kobalt mines on the planet thanks to a massive deal orchestrated by Hunter Biden while his father was still vice president.

Kobalt is the primary mineral that makes electric vehicle batteries operate and China controls the market. We learned from the New York Times of all places, that Hunter was paid $30 million and pocketed a huge diamond gift from the Chinese to get the mines out of American hands.

ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC have had zero coverage of this story even though it came from their print ally. It’s another dangerous example proving what side the media is on, and it’s not ours.

Trump was right when he called the media the “enemy of the people,” because their constant misinformation campaigns and outright ignoring a story like this one can be construed as treason against the American people.

So we already knew from the laptop that Hunter Biden is corrupt and made a fortune on his father’s name, and we know that his father not only knew more than what he told Americans, but that he has been involved all along.

It’s become painfully clear that the Chinese have a lot of dirt on Biden, which is why Biden is doing their bidding by pushing what amounts to be an electric vehicle mandate. It’s also why Biden refuses to even bring up the discussion of COVID origins with the Chinese even though the entire rest of the world knows exactly what the Chinese did.

We can argue the whys of what China did, and as you can imagine, I certainly have my theories. For one, Trump had China on the ropes and was forcing them into a balanced trade deal after ripping us off for decades.

It was no coincidence that Trump dropped the Mother of All Bombs in Afganistan while the Chinese president was visiting the White House. China feared everything about Trump and for the first time an American president was one move away from having China in checkmate.

That’s why they freaked out and thought Trump was going to nuke them in his final days of office. Trump had them on their heels and they were filled with fear and paranoia.

So what did the Chinese do as their final and desperate move to avoid total defeat on the world stage? They released a virus that would kill just enough people to cause global panic and economic ruin. The Chinese know what drives American elections and their strategy to cause chaos in the west and change the course of an American election worked perfectly.

So perfect that they got the unexpected bonus of having their very own puppet in the White House that they have full control over and who will do their bidding.

Now China is one move away from checkmate as they plan their Taiwan invasion after next year’s Olympics knowing Biden won’t lift a finger in living up to America’s military commitment to Taiwan.

It’s the same reason Russia is massing forces on the border of Ukraine and why Putin told Biden to go eff himself when Biden asked Russia to step up production on an oil pipeline that wouldn’t have existed without Biden’s approval in the first place.

The facts are there for everyone to see. The left-wing media ignores them because they can’t dispute them. If they could, you know they would. It’s easier to just not report an inconvenient truth that disrupts their agenda because they aren’t journalists. They are the enemy of the people.

Hunter Biden has been a Chinese pawn for years. They played him perfectly. And now China has let our president know that his pawn son can be sacrificed at any time to expose the true father-son corruption and what they’ve been doing to sell out America.

In 2022 we’ll be able to do a lot to stop Biden’s insane domestic policies, but as Russia, China and North Korea get friendlier and friendlier, it will be a dangerous three years on the foreign policy front.

Those three nations, combined with Biden helping Iran to get a nuclear weapon, could perhaps create the perfect scenario that was the basis of Red Dawn.

And like Red Dawn, spoiled and pampered Americans will have a rude awakening when confronted with the realities of war at their doorstep with foreign nations who have no problems with mass executions if you don’t bend to their will.

And sadly, a lot of so-called Americans will not only bend to save their own skins, but will collaborate with the enemy to advance their own cowardly chances to survive.

Those are the facts, as well. History tells that story time and again and there are those among us who think they won’t do it, but they will. And as we are seeing, there also are those among us who would betray us willingly.

Stay vigilant patriots. May God guide us and I pray such scenarios will never play out, but to pretend it isn’t possible is naive, and I use that word as a nice alternative.

I hope, as Americans, we will never be put in a situation where we have to choose sides, but as Americans, we should always be prepared to act against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

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