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Is another Civil War possible? Here’s what it may look like.

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Is another Civil War possible? Here’s what it may look like

By Mark Young


There’s been a lot of whispers about the potential of another Civil War given just how divided the factions have become in America.

Is it really possible that lines would be drawn and shots fired?

I think our division, combined with, and fueled by progressive policies that weaken military capability makes us more vulnerable to an outside invasion rather than an internal shooting war.

Besides, leftists are so anti-gun, what would they shoot back with?

And even if they did get their hands on a weapon, most probably couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn if they were standing next to the barn.

Yep, the American versus Progressive Civil War would be over fairly quickly. I don’t even think it would be necessary for America to even fire a single shot.

We just let blue states leave the union. The first thing they will do after forming their own government would be to disarm their citizenship.

We just let their anti-gun laws go into effect and walk across the border to victory.

Which would be easy considering progressives love open borders.

Even if the blue states were smart enough to realize that they should have a military, what would that even look like without the will to budget such a force?

And who would serve in it?

It won’t be the thousands of ANTIFA 20-and-30-year-olds still living in mama’s basement. Getting them out of the house for an ANTIFA riot is already asking a lot.

Which is why people like George Soros has to pay them to riot, but they still only agree with the guarantee that people like Kamala Harris will pay their bail.

I guess Harris and other leftists got tired of flipping that bill so they got blue cities in blue states to just stop the entire bail system anyway and just let the criminals go free.

But they can do whatever they want once we let them have their own country for a little while before we take it back.

I know, I know … saying let blue states leave America sounds like something to celebrate, but here’s the reason why we take those states back.

Once they have left America to become the Progressive Oppressive States, or POS, they are no longer our citizens.

So we take back those states and deport them all to Cuba, Venezuela, Russia, North Korea, Afghanistan, China, etc.

In that scenario, it actually would be a rather civil “war.”

But there are some real dangers associated with America’s ever-growing divide.

History isn’t on our side when it comes to our own self destruction. Just about every great military empire throughout history was never conquered in a sweeping military defeat. They simply imploded from within as politics took over common sense and any semblance of strength eroded over time.

Like some Americans, those great empires assumed they would last forever, that they were invincible. We all know what assumptions get us.

For those empires who were militarily conquered over time, it was a similar “progressive” movement that weakened them internally to the point of vulnerability. From there, they were eventually destroyed by outside forces.

The current political environment within America is moving in that direction. We have never been more vulnerable than we are right now.

We had a brief reprieve under President Trump where our enemies backed off, but between Biden and eight years of Obama, we are ripe for the taking, as we tend to be under long-term liberal leadership.

If you don’t see those real dangers, you simply aren’t paying attention.

Still, the likelihood of a traditional American vs. Progressive Civil War is not likely given our current military and law enforcement structure. However, that doesn’t mean we don’t have the capability for self-destruction if we continue to allow liberal policies to shape the future.

Civil War? Probably not, but I know for a fact that patriots remain on guard and there is only so long that conservatives are willing to let America remain in peril from internal enemies.

I, for one, would never condone violence. But like most conservatives, when push comes to shove, I’m not against it either. I took an oath and it’s an oath that never expires.

So I’ll close with this: Let’s go Brandon! Let’s go Brandon!

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