City of Bradenton Council Corner: Ward Three, Patrick Roff, October Update

Patrick Roff is currently serving his fourth term on the City Council. He also takes his service “on the road” so to speak, serving as past Vice-Chair and Treasurer of the Tampa Bay Regional Planning Council, Vice-Chair of the Manatee-Sarasota Metropolitan Planning Organization, and Secretary/Treasurer of the Manasota League of Cities. He also serves on the League of Cities Florida State Board of Directors, the USF Advisory Council, the SRQ Advisory Council, and the Advisory Board of the Sarasota-Bradenton Regional Airport.

The City of Bradenton publishes a regular newsletter that includes a section where one of the members on the City of Bradenton Council shares some information.  Below is a copy of Councilman Patrick Roff’s “Council Corner”.

Our Public Works & Utilities Department is working hard, obviously, but we as citizens can do a lot to help them, too. Let’s make it our business to help them by placing yard waste neatly in stacks and without blocking a sidewalk.

Place loose leaves and grass in a bag or can. Let’s educate ourselves on proper recycling collection as well.

Below is photo to learn – or just to refresh your memory – about what can and can’t be recycled.

Incidentally, if a tree service trims your trees or takes a tree down on your property, it is their responsibility to take away what they took down.

Thanks so much for learning more about how to be a more responsible citizen.

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