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Don’t worry, Biden’s task forces are on the job

By Mark Young


Don’t you feel comforted every time a politician like Joe Biden says, “I’ve appointed a task force,” to handle whatever emerging crisis we are facing next thanks to this administration?


Me neither.

Biden insists he has been working on the supply challenges for the past eight months and, of course, the White House said a “task force,” was on the job.

Biden’s ultimate solution to the supply challenge is to work with two major ports on the west coast to run operations 24/7. He went so far as to get on television to gloat about what a genius he is.

It took eight months and a “task force” to come up with that idea?

Every time this administration announces they have a task force on the job I picture just about any episode of the Three Stooges where the trio try to resolve a problem.

I’ve seen more effective planning come out of a Little Rascals meeting at the “He-Man Woman Haters Club.”

I’m shocked these woke cancel-culture people haven’t gone after that show. Or maybe they have and I missed it because it’s hard to keep up with their nonsense.

Nonsense like the Seattle elementary school canceling their Halloween parade because four or five “students of color” don’t participate.

Yeah, punish the majority because a handful of kids don’t want to participate. I’m sure those four or five students will be very popular thanks to your ridiculous logic.

Apparently the left is now saying “students of color” don’t participate in Halloween because they can’t afford costumes. So, according to their logic, Halloween must be bad because it doesn’t provide equity.

I grew up in a frugal household. My costumes were either old sheets with eyes cut out or my face was painted red with old lipstick and I had horns and a pitchfork made out of aluminum foil.

All I cared about was the candy and I’d wager that’s all today’s kids care about, too. I even put on my brother’s football jacket and chewed a piece of gum one year and went as a teenager.

I worked out the problem and didn’t need or even think about wanting some fancy costume. Apparently my conservative brain was already in full development as a child.

The left’s disparaging remarks about Halloween and an assumption that the holiday has no equity for kids of color is not only racist in and of itself, but it’s assuming “students of color,” are too poor to partake.

It’s  the same liberal logic inside the White House that is trying to tell you the cause of the supply shortages. It’s partly that COVID is the new Russian collusion so everything bad is COVID’s fault.

But now the White House yokels are saying, “Oh the economy is so good that people are buying more than ever,” the White House tells you. “It’s not a supply challenge, it’s a demand challenge because our economy is so good.”

Liar, liar, pants on fire. Give me a break and that’s what you get when you appoint a former small town mayor as Secretary of Transportation. I know, it’s shocking right? Who would have thought that wasn’t going to turn out well?

Liberals really believe that if they lie to you enough, you will begin to believe it. It works on other liberals, but doesn’t work for the rest of us normal folk.

I mentioned this in my last piece, but I saw a new comment where someone was making another argument that Trump colluded with the Russians and called me a liar.

You just can’t make this stuff up, and I hate repeating myself, but it’s really important to remember that the whole Russian collusion thing exploded immediately after the DNC emails were leaked. Every Democrat in Washington took to the airwaves with the same talking point and their media allies spread it like wildfire while ignoring the substance of the emails.

It was nothing but a shiny object to distract the sheep from the fact that the DNC denigrated their own voting block as being ignorant while admitting that they rely on that ignorance to achieve power. Boy, if you could put a picture on the word “irony,” that would be it.

And the lady called me a liar? Liberalism is a disease and can’t be cured with facts.

Maybe she needs a Biden task force to help her figure out the world around her. I’m sure that would work out well.

Almost as well as the southern border and Kamala Harris’s plan to “address the root causes of immigration,” instead of actually addressing illegal immigration at … oh, I don’t know, maybe the border itself?

They don’t even have a shiny object to throw out to their sheep to distract the left from the immigration debacle. They just ignore it outright, which I guess is better than trying to lie about what a success the Afghanistan withdrawal was.

Things have gotten so bad that even Superman has decided to no longer, “Work for the American way,” as DC Comics joins the anti-American woke cancel culture.

Makes me wonder what’s next for Wonder Woman and the Amazonians. The Incredible Hulk will probably be “smashed” for being too masculine and Bat Man and Spider Man will have to change their names to Bat Person and Spider Person.

The left doesn’t like labels, but they love to label conservatives. Just read the comments if you want proof, and if you want a good laugh.


By Mark Young

Mark Young is a U.S. Army veteran and a seasoned journalist of 25 years. His writing and reporting has garnered dozens of state press association and press club awards in Florida, Nebraska and Wyoming for investigative reporting, opinion writing, in-depth reporting and more.

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