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By Mark Young


The left attacks as its hypocrisy comes home to Manatee County

Well, in just a short span of spending time with you, I have been accused of spewing hate speech, have had calls to Facebook to censor me, and have been called everything from a POS to an ignorant right-wing conspiracy theorist.

Those are just the nicer comments, but I enjoy it.

It’s entertaining to watch liberals put themselves on spin cycle and try and lie their way into a debate using outdated talking points already proven to be untrue.

What’s interesting is that I’m the one being called divisive. I’ll give that one some fair consideration.

Nah, no I won’t.

I’m just a guy trying to do my small part to save the country that I love from the oxymoron of liberal logic. I can’t help if that triggers the left, and I certainly don’t care if I hurt leftist feelings simply by telling the truth.

I kind of get a little buzz off it, if I’m going to be honest.

Again, I’ll have a respectful debate with a Democrat, but you can’t debate with liberals and progressives.

For example, I received comments from liberals who still believe the Russian collusion hoax was real, President Trump’s impeachment over something Joe Biden actually did was legitimate, and still believe that the Russian bounty gate was real.

Good Lord people, catch up with the news will you?

I also saw a comment about a reader who said he has a clear understanding of what I’m against, but asked what I’m for? Fair enough. I thought I made that pretty clear, but I can sum it up fairly quickly.

I’m for the Constitution, as it is written. Unlike those who have commented to cut the military budget to give money to schools and social programs, I’ve seen the results of brutal regimes.

I’ve seen the ditches filled with the remains of men, women and children. Remains of pregnant women who were shot in the stomach so the last thought in their mind before being killed themselves is that their baby was dead.

And that wasn’t in a far away place. That was in our own hemisphere and well before the War on Terror exposed the worldwide cruelty for all to see, except for the left apparently.

Those rose-colored glasses work well in creating a powerful denial in those folks.

So yes, I’m for a strong military because I know that evil exists all across this globe and that their biggest goal is to kill Americans and see America fall.

Liberals and progressives are doing everything they can to help make that happen. Not the moderate Democrats, mind you, but those far left traitors that use a D in front of their names to advance anti-American agendas.

I have no problem with moderate Democrats or left-leaning independents. You vote your conscious, even if I disagree with your choice. You are not the problem in your party. Well, you are a little bit of a problem, but not the extreme problem.

I’m for small government and less taxes. Not because I don’t want to pay taxes, but because I see how the government and entities like the school district waste it.

I’m for accountability and transparency, something we never seem to get, especially when it comes to leftist politicians.

I’m for American workers first, a closed border, energy independence and not having to beg middle eastern countries for oil only for them to tell us no because of weak leadership.In short, I’m for everything Trump accomplished only to see Biden destroy it.

Liberals like to live in their bubble and think they are indestructible. The irony of it all is when they still want to slash the military at every turn, it’s our military that is the one thing that keeps evil away from their front door.

If you remember, under Obama and Biden’s “leadership,” Trump came into office and was told that the country only had enough ammunition to sustain the efforts in Afghanistan. Trump was told that if attacked or if we had to invade elsewhere, our military didn’t have the ammo to take care of business.

That’s what liberals do. They leave us weakened and vulnerable.

So Trump invested back into the military and made it strong again. Then Biden gave away billions to the terrorists he surrendered to in Afghanistan.

Oh, let’s see, what else are some of you folks saying?

I saw one comment that said I’m just doing this as a potential run for office some day. That’s interesting. I haven’t really thought about it because it’s the last thing I want to do.

But maybe that’s why I should?

Ah, I doubt it. I’m too blunt.

At least if I did, I wouldn’t be as hypocritical as the Manatee County Democratic Party.

Ever scroll their Twitter page? It’s good for a few laughs, but in the end, you just kind of reflect on how sad it is. I see what they support and just give a quick nod to the good Lord and thank Him that I was blessed with a conservative brain.

The Manatee Dems tweeted out a Sarasota Herald Tribune story about a handful of protestors who the Tribune called, “angry protestors,” at a Sarasota County school board member’s home.

Talk about corruption. Ever follow Sarasota County politics, including their school district? Wow. I guess our school district is trying to compete to see who is more corrupt and wasteful. Sarasota is still winning, but it’s getting closer.

The reporter who wrote the article even noted in his tweet that he couldn’t help but notice that a couple of people were wearing Proud Boys shirts and indicated that the presence of American and Trump flags represented some kind of threat.

By the way, parents who attend school board meetings to stand up for their children are not domestic terrorists, so Biden’s administration can kiss my conservative behind. Yeah, I said it. Meant it, too.

Anyway, the Manatee Dems made no mention in their tweets about “protestors” rowing out to Joe Manchin’s boat house or those following Kyrsten Sinema into the bathroom.

Lord, don’t follow me into the bathroom harassing me about this “not a liberal safe space” opinion column. It will be like Mad Max’s Thunderdome. Two will walk in, but only one will walk out.

Yeah, I said that, too.

I don’t expect our local Democrats to stand up for the multitude of times Republicans were harassed and threatened, but liberals are quick to eat their own.

As for yet another Proud Boys mentioned by the Sarasota paper, yet again, one third of their membership is nonwhite. Just because Joe Biden called them a white supremacy group, doesn’t make it true.

But in today’s liberal logic world, you don’t even have to be white to be a white supremacist. No, Bided lied about that and continues to spread more lies.

Did you catch him touting the latest bad jobs report as a success? He said some accurate things like unemployment is down and wages are slightly up.

But he didn’t say wages were up because small businesses are desperate for employees or that unemployment is down simply because people’s benefits are expiring, but are still not returning to work.

Nor did he mention that even with wages slightly up, inflation is outpacing wage growth. Misinformation and no information also are lies.

And yet, my friends on the left are calling me a liar. Again, facts don’t matter to them.

It’s only noise.

I mean, my goodness. Liberals are losing Democrats left and right, and that includes some of their own. It’s pretty bad when liberals get so ridiculous they lose other liberals.

It got so bad that liberal Andrew Yang left the Democrat Party to start his own third party. This was a guy who wanted to mail a check to Americans every month.

Liberals have even lost Bill Maher, who I almost never agree with, but at least respect his attempt at making an argument for what he believes. But when you lose Maher and force a liberal like Yang to pursue another party altogether, maybe it’s time to wake up?


By Mark Young

Mark Young is a U.S. Army veteran and a seasoned journalist of 25 years. His writing and reporting has garnered dozens of state press association and press club awards in Florida, Nebraska and Wyoming for investigative reporting, opinion writing, in-depth reporting and more.

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