City adds supplemental yard-waste drop-off sites

BRADENTON, FL – Bradenton’s Public Works & Utilities Department has announced that beginning Monday, Sept. 20, additional yard waste collection measures will be implemented. These additional measures will not replace bi-weekly yard waste service to residents but are intended to supplement those collections, especially during the off weeks when recycling is collected instead of yard waste.

Beginning today, four yard-waste containers have been deployed at locations throughout the city where citizens can dispose of yard waste ONLY. City Supervisors will inspect all sites every day.

Locations of the four containers are:
• Cordova Lakes, 38th Avenue West and 61st Street West
• Ware’s Creek, 17th Avenue West Park parking lot
• Braden River Lakes/River Isles, east end of Oakleaf Blvd
• Dream Center, 24th Street East (south end of parking area)

The Braden River Lakes/River Isles container has a 10 cubic yard capacity; the others
are 20 cubic yards.

To see aerial photos of the specific sites, please consult cityofbradenton/news

Signs will be placed on the containers, and the sites will be monitored. No commercial/contractor dumping is allowed.

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