Tyler Johnson acknowledges he came in to camp out of shape

Buccaneers wide receiver Tyler Johnson made several plays throughout the 2020 season. He’s been raved about for his hands, and those same hands are on display in training camp so far.

But despite the receiver’s talent, the second-year receiver started camp out of shape.

“He came back a little heavy and he’s getting back in shape, which is his own fault,” head coach Bruce Arians said following Saturday’s practice. “But we know he can catch the ball. He’s just got to stay healthy and get in real good shape.”

After Tuesday’s practice, Johnson didn’t shy away from the criticism. He agreed with Arians, saying that being out of shape is most certainly his fault.

“Coach B.A. is right. It is my own fault. I’m not where I want to be at yet but I’ve been doing a lot of things just to get back into shape and it was my own fault for not coming in how I wanted to be.”

Johnson, 22, is certainly not letting that get in the way. When asked about getting better and what he is retaining from the other receivers on the roster, the young receiver is taking in everything he can from each of them.

“It’s just bits and pieces you get to see the work these guys put in. Every player is different, but at the end of the day we all work. I love being around them because at times they’ll just say what they see from me or what I can do better on this route or this block. It puts me in the best position to just be a great player and be out there on the field more.”

The group of receivers on the Tampa Bay roster is certainly a crowded one. With guys like Mike Evans, Chris Godwin, Scotty Miller, Antonio Brown, and rookie Jaelon Darden (who has been all over the field in camp), Johnson would certainly want to get into playing shape quickly.

Fortunately, the former Golden Gopher has the right mindset and is soaking in everything his teammates have to offer to use it in getting better.

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