Leaked Democrat Memo Warns Party Hurt by Biden Inflation

“The NRCC produced one of the first inflation spots we’ve seen and it was one of the most powerful Republican ads to date,” the memo warns. “Notably, they did more damage with this ad than nearly any other conservative ad tested and they were able to do it in [15 seconds] instead of a typical [30 seconds].”

“That’s advice that top Democrats are receiving about selling the Biden agenda from Build Back Together, one of the main outside groups bolstering the president,” according to a confidential memo the Washington Post reported.

The Post also reported the Biden administration admits “that prices have increased. And it is blaming higher costs on a combination of an unexpected chip shortage that is causing a major increase in the cost of vehicles” which impact “prices in categories such as hotels and travel.”

The Democrat memo’s solution to increasing prices is to talk about spending more money on the infrastructure packages and “how the plans are paid for.”

“Messaging that includes language about pay-fors consistently outperforms in testing,” the memo suggests.

“Americans of all political stripes support these economic policies [but] current polling tells us that voters know little about them,” the memo continues. “To build support for the Build Back Better agenda, it is imperative to talk to voters directly about the best-testing aspects of the plans.”

Another piece of advice is for Biden to talk about “high-speed Internet” in the plan, not “broadband access.”

“Broadband internet is necessary for Americans to do their jobs,” the memo recommends.

As Biden continues to push his trillion-dollar “infrastructure” plans forward, the country is suffering from inflation.

Producer Price Index rose 7.3 percent in June from 12 months earlier, the largest demand increase since 12-month data was first introduced in 2010, Breitbart News reported. In comparison to May, the index rose one percent. On average during the pre-pandemic Trump administration, the index rose by around 0.2 percent per month.

Meanwhile, a Wednesday poll suggests the majority of registered voters hold Biden responsible for the inflation surge. Fifty-nine percent of “registered voters hold Biden’s economic policies responsible for rise in inflation in the United States, compared with 53% who point to Americans’ return to pre-pandemic behaviors,” the poll found.

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