New England definitely ain’t gonna like these apples …

Matt Damon — one of the biggest die-hard Boston-area sports fans EVER — just admitted he’d root against the Patriots in a Super Bowl!!

The Academy Award-winning actor made the shocking revelation on The Dan Patrick Show on Tuesday … saying if it came down to Tom Brady‘s Buccaneers vs. the Pats in this year’s Big Game, he’s team TB12 all day!!

“Listen,” Damon said. “I love that guy.”

Damon — who is from Cambridge, Mass. — has been a Pats fan since forever … but it’s clear his relationship with Tom outweighs all of that.

“Go Bucs,” Damon said on the show.

It’s gotta hurt the Patriots … but, hey, they do get to square off against Tom in the regular season in Foxborough in October.

Maybe the winner there gets Matt’s heart once and for all?

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