Despite Biden’s optimism that two infrastructure proposals worth trillions of dollars will be signed into law, the Washington Post, Politico, and the New York Times have sounded the alarm on the possibility of failure.

“‘It’s Painful’: Infrastructure Talks Near Either a Deal or Collapse,” a Times headline alerted.

“Nearly five weeks after President Biden and a group of Republican and Democratic senators triumphantly announced that they had risen above the polarization gripping Washington to agree on a framework for an infrastructure deal,” the Times wrote, “there was trouble in bipartisan paradise on Monday as their agreement appeared to teeter on the brink of collapse.”

Politico’s headline warned, “High-stakes infrastructure talks stall out as deadline passes” with the subtitle, “The negotiations are in acute danger of collapsing after a weekend of fruitless discussions.”

“Senators capped off a day of trading blame and stalled efforts on their bipartisan infrastructure proposal with a Monday meeting that quickly broke up, signaling a tough path forward as negotiators missed yet another self-imposed deadline,” the outlet warned.

“Senate infrastructure talks in political jeopardy as infighting spills out into the open,” the Post headline declared.

“But as lawmakers returned to Washington on Monday, their posture was similar to that of previous weeks: Although they appeared to be tantalizingly close, negotiators had yet to finalize a deal,” the paper wrote. “The difference is that the patience from the highest levels of the Democratic Party was wearing thin.”

Breitbart News reported Tuesday that Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) warned Monday if the bipartisan infrastructure bill fails, then the partisan $3.5 trillion infrastructure deal will also crumble.

“I would say if the bipartisan infrastructure deal falls apart, everything falls apart,” Manchin stated.

“Both of them are extremely important,” he continued. “When one falls apart, how do you move the other one?”

With Biden’s infrastructure plans on the ropes, his approval rating on Monday hit 49 percent, down one point from Friday.

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