Sunday on Fox News Channel’s “Life, Liberty & Levin,” Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) slammed the Biden administration’s handling of migrants after Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas told those considering fleeing Cuba for the United States that they will be denied entry.

Rubio asked where the administration’s forceful statement recently provided to Cubans was in the early days of President Joe Biden’s campaign and presidency. He argued Biden has been “incentivizing” and “inviting” migrants to enter the United States illegally with catch and release.

“You saw the forceful statement from Mayorkas almost immediately. Where was that forceful statement when Joe Biden was running for president? When he became president?” Rubio asked. “You know, by the time they finally got around to saying it … it had no credibility. It almost was a joke because the reason why we are having a crisis at the southern border — look, it’s true these people in Central America live under very difficult conditions, have for a very long time, but these trafficking networks have gone into these countries and other places and told them, ‘Hey, there is a new president. He’s going to be the opposite of Donald Trump in every way.’ Some of the first things that Biden does when he takes over, no more funding for the border wall; we’re going to change policies if you arrive with children. These traffickers go back and tell people, ‘Hey, the laws have changed. There is a new president. You can now get into the United States, especially if you come with children,’ and guess what? That is what people are doing. They believe the laws have changed because the attitude has changed. That is what we’re seeing now.”

He continued, “We are seeing a crush on the southern border that’s a rotating catastrophe. It continues to escalate on a daily basis, and it was all caused by the rhetoric of Biden during the campaign and the actions he took in the first days of his administration. They didn’t say what they said to Cubans in those first days. What they said is no border wall, and children and families will not be separated. You’ll be allowed to stay while we process your claims, and in the meantime, we will release you into the population. That is an incentive. We are incentivizing. They are inviting people to come here illegally.”

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