Mooch Mandates Masks: ‘Don’t Want to Get Vaccinated, Leave’

“Make a decision… Get vaccinated. If you don’t want to get vaccinated, leave. That should be the message, and people will start getting vaccinated,” he said in an interview on CNBC.

“We’re a private company. If somebody wants to fight me over the vaccine mandate, that’s fine. Let’s take it to the court,” Scaramucci threatened his employees before suggesting he does not “like the totalitarian nonsense.” But, he said:

It’s not about that. his is about once in a while we have to team up as a society to protect each other. If we all get vaccinated, we’re going to be out into society faster and the economy is going to grow faster, and there will be more jobs and more income.

If you have young children … vaccinate yourself to protect your children. People want to restart activities, and to the extent that the vaccines are going to provide an added measure to be able to do that safely, and protect venues where you’re bringing people together, I think you’re going to see more sports teams, more business venues, start to mandate vaccination.

Scaramucci’s comments come as a Friday poll revealed 35 percent of Americans who are unvaccinated say they will probably abstain from vaccination. And 45 percent of those who are unvaccinated say they will definitely not become inoculated.

Only three percent of unvaccinated Americans say they will take the needle, while just 16 percent believe they probably will.

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