Olivia Wilde Is Asked About the Rumor That She Married Harry Styles Already!

Olivia Wilde was asked a question about the big theory online with some fans that seem to think she and Harry Styles got married during their vacation to Italy.

The rumors began over a gossip magazine cover that circulated Twitter claiming the pair got hitched.

Well, Olivia was asked about the rumor while at the airport this week.

Click inside to read her response…

Paparazzi stopped Olivia at the airport and one in particular asked her, “There’s a massive Internet conspiracy that you and Harry are already married. Not true? True?”

Olivia refused to talk to them and said, “I’m never going to talk to you guys.” You can watch a video of the interaction over at the DailyMail.

If you missed it, Olivia‘s ex Jason Sudeikis revealed when exactly he and Olivia broke up in relationship to the start of her relationship with Harry.

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