Lili Reinhart Slams TikToker Who Claims She Has a ‘No Eye Contact’ Rule on Set

Lili Reinhart is clapping back.

Recently, a TikToker posted a video claiming that the 24-year-old Riverdale actress has a “no eye contact” rule when she’s on set.

The TikToker started her video by discussing the rumor that Kylie Jenner has a “not eye contact” rule with some of her employees.

She then went on to claim that Lili has the same rule.

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“As someone who worked on film sets, this [rule] is true for any celebrity,” the TikToker says in video. “You’re not allowed to look at them. I’m not going to name names — but one of them rhymes with Billy Beinhart.”

Lili then took to her Instagram Story to repost the video, while also insisting the allegations aren’t true.

“Not sure what you think you’re gaining by spreading false information,” Lili wrote. “Check yourself.”

Lili followed up with another Story, writing, You all know by now that I have to stand up for myself when I see s–t like that. Can’t stand it.”

If you missed it, Lili called out a few sites for using her social media posts as clickbait. See what happened here…

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