Vice President Kamala Harris, who is leading the administration’s efforts on voting rights, praised the Texas legislators during a meeting with them in Washington.

Q Madam Vice President, do have any comment on your conversation with the Texas legislatures — legislators from yesterday? And do you know if the President plans to meet with them at all?

THE VICE PRESIDENT: We’ve had an extensive meeting — I had an extensive meeting yesterday with, I think, some of the most courageous elected leaders that we could note at this moment.

I said it yesterday, and I’ll say it again: They took bold, courageous action, in line with the legacy of everyone from Frederick Douglass — who is over my right shoulder — when he fought for the right of Black men to vote in America; to the legacy that includes all of those women who marched down Pennsylvania Avenue for women’s right to vote; to all of those folks who shed their blood on the Edmund Pettus Bridge to make sure that we would, in 1965, pass the Voting Rights Act.

And now we have, in 2021, the Texas legislature — many of them traveling to Washington, D.C., at great sacrifice, both personally and political, to stand up for Americans’ right to vote unencumbered.

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