I gotta admit, I was duped by Bill Barr.


When he first splashed back on the scene, I was really leery, especially because of his Bush ties. I thought he was an establishment DC bum, who would do nothing to help Trump and simply toe the line for the swamp.

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I should have stuck with that assessment, but I didn’t. I got roped in, and I really believed that Barr was the man for the moment. That he was going to help drain the swamp.

Maybe I was naive, but I thought that I felt his passion and his determination to seek justice in #Spygate.

And it was easy to get roped in, Barr was bold and he wasn’t backing down from the Dems – and during those first few months of the investigation, Barr was traveling to Europe to poke around and it really felt as if he was gonna do it.

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And then it all ground to a halt, and Barr turned into the DC swamp monster that I thought he was early on.

But looking back now, it was a strange jump…it was like flipping a switch. He changed fast.


President Trump says that he’s figured out when the “change” came…

During his Sunday afternoon CPAC speech, President Trump said that everything with Barr “changed” when the Dems threatened to impeach him.


I think this is a great observation from President Trump, and he’s probably right to a certain extent.


But, I think it might be even more nefarious than that.

I think perhaps Barr was pulled-in on the plot and told that Trump would be removed and was then ordered to stop his investigation into the people who were soon to be in charge.

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