When you think of famous progressive nutjobs, the name “Sean Penn” is among the first that come to mind, right?


The guy is a complete and total left-wing dingbat…well, let me tell you when I read this piece about Sean Penn’s new views, my jaw about hit the floor.

It turns out that the “radical left” has gotten far too “radical” for Sean’s taste, and now, he’s downed a bottle of “red-pills” and he’s coming out swinging against what he calls the “Soviet left.”


Now, I’m not saying that Sean’s voting “Republican” anytime soon…but he’s had a political and cultural awakening that is definitely very noteworthy and meaningful. We need more people like Sean to wake up.

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Daily Wire reported that Sean Penn sat down with former late-night talk show host Conan O’Brien about “cancel culture” and what the left is now doing in terms of “representing” people…and it’s clear that Penn is pissed and he’s had enough – and Conan too, for that matter.

“Empathy is a very important word and also forgiveness,” said O’Brien. “We found that someone did something in 1979 that is now not appropriate. They’re dead to us.” O’Brien went on to describe cancel culture as “very Soviet,” saying, “People can also be forgiven. If they even need forgiving. What happened to that?”

Penn agreed with O’Brien, calling the practice “ludicrous.”

The two men then turned to how the trend is impacting their particular genres of show business with Penn pointing out that he would no longer be considered for a part like groundbreaking gay activist Harvey Milk because he’s straight.

“Today, almost certainly I would not be permitted to be cast in that role,” Penn said. “We’re living in a time when, if you’re playing a gay lead character, you’d have to be a gay man or a trans character. And there have been these casting issues.”


He then warned that the Left has pushed the cause of “representation” too far. “When you have a period of evolution that certainly has an opportunity for people who have had less opportunities to move forward. That has to be supported, and yet in this pendulum swing society that we’re in, you wonder at some point if only Danish Princes can play Hamlet. It is, I believe, too restrictive. People are looking for gotcha moments and to criticize.”

O’Brien likened Penn’s experience to the current tendency among late-night talk show hosts to make comedy political—a trend he has pointedly resisted because he said, it can lead to “losing your way” when it comes to being funny.

This is so true and also why so many of these Trump-hating late-night hosts have lost most of their viewers.

Americans are sick and tired of everyone being a f%^&ing activist.


I think Conan O’Brien put it best when he ended the chat with Penn by saying, “there are times when it’s embarrassing to be in show business.”

Amen…most of you Hollywood types are complete idiots and the majority of Americans dislike you.

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