Why do we have so many billionaire elites in this country that seem to have some bizarre “inside scoop” on deadly pandemics?


I mean, we’re all familiar with Bill Gates…the man gives off such a ghoulish vibe, you half expect him to have a “laboratory” in his house where he experiments on humans.

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What happened to the days when we had amazing “elites” who built gorgeous buildings and left their mark on the country by bestowing beauty and treasures that we can all use and enjoy for decades and decades?

Now, we have creeps like Gates, and Zuckerberg, who look and feel like creepy robots.

And it also seems like these billionaires have their noses in so many places where they don’t belong…like medical stuff — specifically vaccines, and pandemics.

Zuckerberg is over there on Facebook suppressing info and deciding what’s “scientific” as if he’s a doctor, and Gates is wearing a fake lab coat, actually trying to whip up vaccine recipes in his free time.

It’s creepy.

And now we can add another billionaire to the creepy fray.

Warren Buffet is chiming in and making more gory “pandemic” predictions.

Buffet says, hold on to your hats America – an even worse pandemic is looming just over the horizon!


These elites are just so ghoulish and weird.


I long for the days when our country’s elites were building amazing train stations and libraries…It feels like the ones we have now are more like “Dr. Evil.”

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