Yesterday, Americans were left slack-jawed when Bumbling Joe and his failing admin announced they would be sending out government officials to knock on doors and urge people to get vaccinated.


Feels a little Hitler-like, right?

And once the shock wore off, many Americans were wondering why this was happening and how exactly this task would be carried out.

Will we be sitting down to dinner when the doorbell rings and two “men in black” are standing at the door asking to see our vaccine papers?

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It’s an absurd thing to even suggest, let alone just blurt it out with zero context or explanation – once again, leaving already-suspicious Americans to sit and wonder what the hell is happening and why.

And everyone wonders why conspiracy theories are on the rise?…

Well, I just happened upon a new report from the CDC that may explain much of this “vaccine door-knocking” business.

According to a new rather shocking report from the CDC, a staggering 15 million Americans have never gone back to get their second COVID jab.

That’s a lot of people who have either had second thoughts about taking the vaccine or who believe for whatever reason, that one shot should be “good enough.”


Either way, Big Pharma wants to get that serum pumped into as many arms as possible, so they need to reel these folks back in…even if it means knocking on doors?

Seems plausible…

You can watch the video below:

So, Biden will likely start with these people who didn’t get the second jab…he’s already got the list with everyone’s name…

*knock knock*

“Hello, Ma’am, I’m from the government and here to help…did you know that you forgot to get your second vaccine dose?” 


And they’ll just branch out the door-knocking project from there…because trust me, it will “branch out.”

That’s my best guess anyway since those people are low-hanging fruit for being already “open” to the vaccine idea to begin with.

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