I’ve been noticing that Obama has been having quite a few of his signature “nervous breakdowns” lately.


They’ve been coming fast and furious.

I chalked a lot of it up to how poorly Joe is doing – forget the fake polls – I’m talking about Joe’s cognitive issues that are a major distraction and hindrance for the Dems who are desperately trying to convince all of us that Biden is more popular than Trump and Obama –  two men who literally created global movements.

Give me a break…

Joe being stable and possessing the ability to lead are key to keeping talk of “big election lies” and “audits” under wraps –  and clearly, that’s not working. Biden looks and sounds like a shaky, senile old man who just escaped from a nursing home.

Sorry, if that sounds mean, but it’s true.

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So, I saw this new poll that I am going to share with you, and it made me remember how Obama didn’t even want Joe to run. He actually wanted Elizabeth Warren to get the nod, but as luck would have it, the fake Indian and all the rest of the commies fell out of the primaries, and when it looked like Bernie would take it again, Biden became the only viable choice.


Biden was nobody’s first choice, not even second, third or fourth. He just happened to be in the right place at the exact time when Bernie was ahead, and he got the torch, but it was never ideal.

So, this poll – when I saw it – made me think that perhaps this is the sort of thing that keeps Obama awake at night.

Breitbart published the poll stating that just over one third of likely 2022 election voters believe President Joe Biden is truly in charge, while a majority say “others” are directing his agenda, a Trafalgar Group/Convention of States Action survey released Tuesday found.

The survey, taken June 23-25, 2021, among 1,086 respondents, asked: “Do you believe President Biden is fully executing the duties of his office?”

A majority, 56.5 percent, said “no, others are directing policy and agenda,” compared to 36.4 percent who believe Biden is truly directing all his own policies and agenda items.

While the majority of Democrats, 58.6 percent, believe he is directing his own policy and agenda, the same cannot be said of Republicans, 83.6 percent of whom believe others are directing Biden’s policy and agenda. Notably, a majority of independent voters agree with Republicans that others are calling the shots for Biden.

Obama is so desperate to have his “third term,” and he’s literally watching it all slip away, thanks to a man who is literally a raging dementia patient.

This poll here is poof-positive that Americans aren’t buying the “story” that’s been written for them – and this is also proof that all those Biden approval polls are fake as well.

If most Americans don’t think he’s running the country, why would they give him glowing remarks? It’s absurd.


Nobody knows who is actually running this country, and there’s never been a time in history where Americans are ‘okay’ with some unknown shadow president calling the shots. So, everything you’ve been told by the fake news and fake polls has been a lie..and those lies are catching up with the puppet masters.

Sleep tight, Barry…

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