It’s another day, and we have yet another America-hating communist Democrat spewing hate and trashing the US.


What’s new, right?

Most of these liberals who get on TikTok or Facebook and talk about how much they hate America are very privileged people.

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They have nice cars, fancy iPhones, cute clothes, and probably live a very comfy life in their parent’s half-a-million-dollar home…But America is “oppressing” these poor souls…and all they can do now to survive is “fight back” with lame videos they make in the comfort of their cars, talking about how awful and racist the flag is, and how 4th of July is evil.

It’s such a load of horse crap – these TikTok sensations wouldn’t know true oppression if it came up and slapped them in the face.


And this latest “oppressed girl” is a real doozie. Not only does she hate the American flag, but she hates anything and everything that’s “red white, and blue.”

So, Trump supporter Terrance Williams decided to respond to this little flag-hating Marxist Princess in the most fitting and hilarious way possible…

You’re gonna love this one!

You can watch the video below:

The communist America-hating Dems are in the minority…they just so happen to be the loudest – that’s one reason why so many companies and sports teams go “woke.” They think this movement is “sweeping the nation,” but it’s not – and they find that out after their sales/ratings/support drops like an anchor.


Patriotic, well-adjusted normal Americans are still the majority in this county.

Don’t forget that.

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