The Dems are so phony that they can’t even pretend to love America and BBQ without getting caught “faking” it.


I love how Dems have spent the entire year dividing America and trashing the country, flag, cops, and anyone who doesn’t worship the “progressive god,” but on the 4th of July, they bust out their “patriotic” shirts and try and pretend to be “normal Americans.”

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It doesn’t work.

And nowhere was that more apparent than with Terry McAuliffe’s pathetic July 4th BBQ video.

Savvy Trump supporters instantly noticed something very, very “off” with Terry’s video…can you spot it?

I’m sure you see it, but in case you don’t…


Communist Terry’s got a bunch of burgers sitting on a cold grill that’s not even turned on…oh, and don’t forget the unopened beer…”


You can watch the video below:

.@TerryMcAuliffe is either the kind of guy who puts raw cold meat on the grill before he even starts the fire… or he’s a pandering buffoon.

There is no option 3.

— Bongino Report (@BonginoReport) July 5, 2021

Here are some of the comments from people online:

“this goofy pandering is right up there with hot sauce in the purse.”

“I’m surprised he didn’t use a southern black accent in this video and pour hot sauce all over his ice cold burgers.”

“The pandering is almost as disgusting as his raw burgers”

“I wonder if he got permission from the gov’t to have such a large bbq. The country is not back Terry. It is wildly off course and heading for a huge precipice.”

“I bet you he bought all that stuff with the extra sixteen cents Dementia Joe saved us.”

“Option C…he’s a low life lying dog face pony soldier who puts cold meat on the grill.”

“Typical liberal hacks playing for the optics. All staged. Grill not on Beer not open Shirt right out of the bag Wake up morons!”

“Cold grill. Unopened beer. “

These elite communist Dems really do think we’re all idiots, don’t they?


They are not “normal Americans.” They’re blood-thirsty Satanists elites who are trying to destroy this country.

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