Holy moly, Don Jr. really took the ball and ran it for a touchdown…

During the Trump Sarasota rally, Don Jr. went on an absolute tear against Biden and the unbelievable “buyer’s remorse” many Americans are suffering from their 2020 Biden vote.


He really let Shaky Joe have it…but he didn’t stop there…

He also went after Joe’s crackhead son Hunter for that disgusting and horrific laptop and if that wasn’t bad enough, he then went after Biden’s shockingly embarrassing performance at the G7 Summit.

At one point, Jr. even called Biden a “moron.”

Very true…

Watch the video:

.@DonaldJTrumpJr: “Imagine it was Don Jr. with the Hunter laptop from hell.” https://t.co/VlT7z8drtO pic.twitter.com/rmthHPCC7k

— Newsmax (@newsmax) July 4, 2021

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What Don Jr. says is so brutal, it almost makes you feel bad for Biden…well, almost…

And Don isn’t wrong about that buyer’s remorse, as evangelicals are feeling the biggest regret for supporting Joe.

From Times News

After observing Biden for less than two months in office, the group issued a statement. It said evangelicals and Catholics “feel used and betrayed,” especially as it relates to the president’s recently stated opposition to the Hyde amendment (which Biden supported for years), which prevents taxpayer funding for abortions.

Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council, a socially conservative organization based in Washington, issued his own statement: “They can’t say they weren’t warned. Everyone in America knew where Joe Biden stood on abortion — because he told them. In 13 debates, multiple campaign ads and a Planned Parenthood town hall, no one had any doubt that if this man won the White House his folksy faith talk would take a backseat to his political deal with the far left. If Evangelicals for Biden want to say they never saw this COVID bill and its abortion funding coming, they were the only one.”

Two things about this. Liberal Christians like to speak of other issues, such as immigration (how’s that going for them?), the environment and helping the poor, along with personal character qualities as having equal importance — and for some, greater importance — than abortion. The problem with that argument is that the right to life is the most fundamental of rights. It is mentioned first in the Declaration of Independence. If you can’t be born, nothing else matters.


But really, why would evangelicals be surprised?

Joe may try and tout himself as a devout Catholic, but the truth is that he sold out his beliefs to the far-left eons ago.

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