It seems to me like Fox News has a pretty strong hold over most of their conservative hosts and pundits. Remember when Judge Jeanine “stepped out of line” and they actually suspended her?


Most people seem to be on a tight leash if they want to be part of the Fox News family.

Sure, there are hosts like Tucker over at Fox News, who do cutting-edge reporting. But that’s his “brand,” and he’s a rarity over there, to be honest. He also has the most popular show on the network…Of course, Fox News could have a whole slew of “Tuckers” if they really wanted to, but they don’t. One is more than enough, by their standards.

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Instead, you have a crew of reporters and pundits who walk that very thin line, where they try and appear like the “opposition,” without doing too much damage to the enemy. Fox News is a lot like the GOP establishment. A lot of softballs lobbed straight out of right feild.

Take a look at what’s happening with Biden and his mental health. If Fox were a serious news network, they’d be calling out Joe Biden’s mental issues 24/7.

They’re not.

But one former Fox News contributor by the name of Monica Crowley is…

Monica left Fox News quite a few years ago, but she just dropped a massive truth bomb on Shaky Joe Biden’s head.


Monica shared a startling video of Joe Biden at an ice cream parlor in Michigan, who displayed some of his scariest and most “shaky” behavior yet when he had to use what appeared to be “flashcards” in order to respond to questions from the media.

It was truly a “turning point” moment and one of Biden’s most alarming to date.

And Monica Crowley just put out a tweet about that video that says EXACTLY what we’ve all been saying and thinking…

Here’s what Monica said: “Everyone sees it, everyone knows it…but no one is allowed to talk about it”

You can watch the video below:

Everyone sees it, everyone knows it…but no one is allowed to talk about it

— Monica Crowley (@MonicaCrowley) July 4, 2021


I’ll tell you what, that was a brave and bold bit of TRUTH for Monica to say.


But I guarantee you, if she was still at Fox News, she may have got in trouble or “canceled” for saying it…

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