Dems and media want all of America to believe that Joe Biden is the most beloved political figure in the history of our nation.


Joe Biden, a man who is so shaky, confused, and literally “out of it,”  apparently earned more “legit” votes than Barack Obama and Donald Trump – two men who led worldwide “political movements” that literally swept the globe.

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And evem more amazing, is that Biden did this so-called hisortiocal feat while from his bassement…

And even more amazing than that, was how he managed to do all of this without any “visible” suport, either in person or online.


It’s almost like Joe Biden has 82 million phantom voters, right?

Yes, that’s what they want us to believe.

Do you believe it?

Well, it may be harder for people to buy that story when you see clips like this one from Sarasota.

This is the line of people waiting to see President Trump at his rally…but this is the DAY BEFORE THE RALLY.


This is incredible! People even lined up the day before in Sarasota & Biden can’t even get 5 people to fill his Covid circles. & that’s the person supposedly won more votes than Obama?

— Anne Elizabeth (@AnneElizabethUS) July 4, 2021

Joe Biden could get this many people to show up to anything, even if he was giving away hundred-dollar bills.

Clips like this pose a big problem for Dems and the media…how is it that the guy who supposedly lost, has all the visible support, and the guy who supposedly won, doesn’t?


These are tough questions that more and more people will be asking as Trump kicks off his summer of rallies…and the media and Dems will keep doing everything they can to buy these stories.

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