‘The Crown’ Producer Shares New Reason Series Will End With Season 6

It’s been known that The Crown would be ending with season six for quite some time.

Creator Peter Morgan has given many reasons why the series would end then and now a producer on the popular Netflix series is giving fans a new reason.

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Speaking with Broadcast, producer Suzanne Mackie says that it all has to do with perspective.

“Peter has said it very articulately, that he simply can’t write something unless there has been time to gain a proper perspective,” she says, adding, “I think he’s [Peter] always felt 10 years is the minimum amount of time that he can see something in a historical context, to allow him to really understand it. I don’t think he’ll deviate from that.”

Suzanne continued, “We all know these stories, but what Peter does so brilliantly is get underneath that, and understand the landscape in a more nuanced, complex, surprising way.”

Just recently, a new cast member, who is very well known, joined the upcoming season five, which just started filming.

Just recently, Peter opened up about why Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will not appear on the show.

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