Britney Spears‘ statement against conservatorship has set off a motion to end remote audio broadcasts in the Los Angeles court system.

According to a new report (via THR), courts are officially ending the broadcasts.

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Although there were warnings on the web page of the audio broadcast, which was open to involved parties and the media, and warnings from Judge Brenda Penny, Britney‘s statement was available just minutes after her statement was broadcast.

It didn’t take long for the judge to shut down the remote audio after Britney‘s statement either.

The audio broadcast system was launched during the pandemic year of 2020, as a response to the pandemic.

The 2019 California Rules of Court read: “Any violation of this rule or an order made under this rule is an unlawful interference with the proceedings of the court and may be the basis for an order terminating media coverage, a citation for contempt of court, or an order imposing monetary or other sanctions as provided by law.”

“Parties who publish unauthorized recordings of court proceedings in violation of a court order are subject to sanctions and other potential liability pursuant to California Code of Civil Procedure section 1209 and other applicable law.”

Effective Monday, June 28, no recordings of court hearings are allowed without written advance permission from the judge.

“Effective June 28, the Court will no longer offer the Remote Audio Attendance Program (RAAP) to listen remotely to courtroom proceedings,” the announcement reads. “The Court implemented this temporary program during the pandemic recognizing there may be abuses of the Court’s orders prohibiting recording, filming, and distribution of proceedings. Widespread breaches by the public in a recent court proceeding highlighted the need to return to in person, open courtroom proceedings, which is a welcome development.”

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