Ed Sheeran’s Manager Has To Talk Him Out of A Lot of Crazy Things Like Moving To Ghana For Three Years

Ed Sheeran almost moved to Ghana for three years.

The 30-year-old musician spoke to James and Oliver Phelps on their new podcast, Normal Not Normal, and opened up about what prevented him from moving to the African nation.

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Ed revealed that his manager, Stuart Camp, has talked him out of a few crazy things in his lifetime.

“Musical stuff I never get talked down from,” he shared, before turning over to the manager who was with him. “Stu, what’s the most ridiculous thing you’ve talked me down from recently?”

Stu joked, “There’s too many!”

Ed later admitted it was “usually moving places.”

Stu then recalled: “‘I’m gonna buy an island here’. Or ‘I’ve had enough, me and Cherry are emigrating to Ghana for three years.’ Stuff like that. You’ll get the odd thing like that and I go, ‘Yes dear.’ You sort of let the idea percolate and it’ll kill itself eventually.”

Ed continued, “I sent Stuart this uninhabited island in Ireland that you’re not even allowed to build a house on and I was like, ‘I think this is a good idea! I think I’m going to buy this and move here!’”

If you missed it, Ed opened up about his daughter’s unique name.

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