Biden’s Supreme Court Commission Debates Over Justice Term Limits

President Joe Biden’s Presidential Commission on the Supreme Court held its second meeting Wednesday, with some scholars pushing for term limits for justices, limiting the high court’s power, or adding more seats to the court. The whole day meeting was held online, with experts divided into four panels to discuss a broad range of reform proposals. “I strongly urge this commission to consider a reform proposal that many of us have discussed and written about, which are term limits for the Supreme Court Justices,” said Maya Sen, a public policy professor at Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government. Sen pointed out that the court is fundamentally a political institution, and the appointments process is increasingly being exploited for partisan gain. Sen argued that term limits could eliminate many political incentives and address the “fundamentally undemocratic nature of lifetime tenure.” Ilan Wurman, an associate professor at Arizona State University, said, “the …

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