Prince Harry seemingly snubbed his grandmother Queen Elizabeth by flying back to the United States on Thursday night without ever meeting with her.


Harry had flown to the United Kingdom last weekend to attend the unveiling of a statue dedicated to his late mother Princess Diana at Kensington Palace, which took place earlier in the day on Thursday. The Express reported that instead of waiting for his 95-year-old grandmother to return from Scotland on Thursday evening, Harry opted to fly home to the U.S. hours after the ceremony ended.

Prior to the ceremony, Harry had been in quarantine at Frogmore Cottage, so he likely never met with the Queen at all during his time in the U.K. for this trip. The Queen had been in Scotland since Monday and returned home the same day that Harry left.

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Tensions have been high between Harry and the rest of the royal family in recent months, as he has been trashing the royal family in various interviews, accusing them of things like racism and being insensitive towards mental health struggles that he claims he and his wife Meghan Markle faced.

While speaking at a children’s charity event on Wednesday, Harry appeared to be missing his two children, Archie and Lilibet.

“Harry’s comments at the WellChild awards suggest a man who is missing his two children in the US and who might even be feeling pangs of guilt that he’s not back home helping Meghan cope with one new baby and one energetic toddler,” said body language expert Judi James. “When he says ‘Two is definitely a juggle’ he hints he might be thinking how that ‘juggling’ will be going on with one parent missing.”


Royal experts have previously said that the Queen “very upset” about the situation with Harry and Meghan because she had “high hopes” for them.

“In public, the Queen has bent over backward to try and [help Meghan and Harry],” royal expert Phil Dampier said, according to The Express. “But in private she’s devastated by what’s happened. She had high hopes for Meghan and Harry with going out into the Commonwealth but it’s all been thrown back in her face. She must be very, very upset by it.”

Royal expert Ingrid Seward agreed, saying that the Queen is “saddened” by the current situation.

“The Commonwealth is her baby, that’s what Prince Philip says, so I really feel that she’s so saddened,” Seward explained. “But she will not put up with rudeness and she dislikes intensely private conversations being repeated. Both of which, things Harry and Meghan are doing a lot of the time. Maybe not personally but through their LA publicists.”


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