Fans are freaking out over those photos of Zendaya and Tom Holland sharing a passionate kiss.

There have been rumors for years that the Spider-Man co-stars were a couple, but they’ve never confirmed the speculation and they haven’t been seen together in a long time.

The 24-year-old Euphoria actress and the 25-year-old Cherry actor were spotted making out in Tom‘s car while driving around Los Angeles on Thursday (July 1). They were also seen spending time with Zendaya‘s mom.

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— ????- ? (@sweetprkjmin) July 2, 2021

do i want to be tom or zendaya

— ًpin pin pin ?? (@ksjfIicker) July 2, 2021

even if tom and zendaya are doing PR idc, I’m still gonna eat this up. this is fun

— Simi ? (@maggiesxrose) July 2, 2021

“zendaya and “ZENDAYA AND
tom are dating” TOM ARE DATING”

— aileen ☾ ?? (@moonlighthessa) July 2, 2021

2017 me 2021 me
shipping tom seeing the
and zendaya pictures of
them kissing

— becca ? (@imbrekkingdown) July 2, 2021

everyone after the pictures and video of tom holland and zendaya came out

— rose ☂︎ (@BETHSGAMBIT_) July 2, 2021

tom and zendaya coming back to twt after they literally destroyed it

— luca ♡’s rex (@LUCAPAGUR0) July 2, 2021

me after i saw those tom and zendaya pics

— reign εїз (@A24W0LFHARD) July 2, 2021

you can’t tell me this wasn’t everyone’s reaction seeing zendaya and tom kissing

— nani! (@ndaxbarnes) July 2, 2021

jacob elordi when he sees tom holland and zendaya kissing

— zack BLM (@zackzeckk) July 2, 2021

me coming on twitter to see those paparazzi pictures of tom holland and zendaya

— ophelia (@brutallylivie) July 2, 2021

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