Britney Spears‘ mom Lynne Spears reportedly has concerns about the pop star’s conservatorship.

Last week, Britney called for an end to her “abusive” 13-year-long conservatorship and described her father Jamie‘s role in controlling her life during a court hearing.

While Lynne hasn’t been as active in her daughter’s conservatorship, a source revealed to People that she had become more involved after Britney reportedly “begged” her for help.

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Lynne feels there are a lot of concerns with the conservatorship,” the family source said. “Lynne feels Jamie has not been transparent with her and is helping Britney as much as she can.”

According to the outlet, Lynne supported Britney‘s request to have her father Jamie Spears removed from the conservatorship in November. She described their relationship as “toxic” through a lawyer.

Lynne also objected to Jamie‘s $890,000 attorney fees, which she called “procedurally and substantively improper.”

Britney was close with her dad for years. It really seems that she realizes he saved her life in 2008, but she doesn’t agree that the conservatorship should have continued on for all these years,” the insider added.

“It’s a complicated and complex situation,” they continued. “There are clear issues with the conservatorship. It’s in place to protect Britney. Yet so many things that Britney is unhappy about are valid. She should definitely have more freedom. This is her life.”

It was announced on Wednesday that a judge had denied Britney‘s request to remove her father from her conservatorship.

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