[VIDEO] Comedian Jeff Dunham Just Did a Hilarious “Biden Presser” Skit That Hits Waayyy Too Close to Home

Jeff Dunham is probably best known for pushing the limits of comedy over the years through his many routines. This time it’s President Joe Biden on the chopping block.


He had no issue going after the President and poking fun at his many, many shortcomings.

Unlike President Biden, Dunham is an equal opportunity offender in every aspect of the word. It doesn’t matter what your political position is, be sure to know that Dunham will make fun of it at some point along the way. This time, it’s Joe Biden’s turn in the limelight and it’s hilarious as all get out.

I hear this ten times a day: “Did you know Walter looks just like Joe Biden!?” Ya think!? A bunch of you asked for it, and here it is! We made fun of the last administration, and now it’s time for this one! https://t.co/eoHh1byopH pic.twitter.com/NkS5pDdX2T

— Jeff Dunham (@jeffdunham) June 22, 2021

Many long-time Dunham fans have noted the resemblance between one of his previous characters, Walter and President Biden. Trust us, even the hardest core fans won’t be disappointed—nothing seemed to be off-limits in his latest video.

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Biden’s lack of ability to remember simple names or anything at all, sniffing women and children, and general confusion issues took center stage at Dunham’s “President Joe Biden Holds Press Conference.”

The liberal media has made it quite easy for Dunham to take on President Biden and the Democratic Party using his legendary comedic and ventriloquist skills. President Biden’s familiar ability to completely misunderstand common questions or misquote names, places, or things was also hilariously addressed.

“How did you feel abroad?” a reporter asked in regards to Biden’s visit at the G7 Summit.

“I didn’t touch her,” he replied.

The softball questions are so realistic to the reality of what we see in these press conferences, you might almost mistake them for actual questions asked by the biased liberal media.

Going so far as to even give him a pass when puppet Biden doesn’t know who Kamala Harris is, then later learning his Vice President is a woman, “let me know when she shows up again I’ll take a whiff” he said.


There’s not much difference between Biden’s confusion in real life, the media’s coverage of these types of events, and Dunham’s skit. Hilariously close to actual events.

Sometimes humor can hit a little too close to home and Dunham definitely nailed this one on the head. Laugh or cry folks. We’d rather laugh with Dunham’s comedic relief than cry at what’s actually happening. Insanity.

“I will go to Israel and meet Moses,” Dunham’s Biden tells the media. “Last I remember his bushes were on fire.”

Want a great laugh? Watch the video!


This piece was written by LifeZette Staff on July 1, 2021. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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