MADDS is one of the acts we’re excited about at Just Jared, and we want to give readers a chance to exclusively get to know her even better!

You might already know the Johannesburg-born, LA-bred social media sensation because of her massive following on platforms like Instagram. And she’s also making major moves in the music industry!

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Growing up, she taught herself how to write songs, DJ and produce while in high school, which has blossomed into a rapidly growing music career. At the end of the year, she’ll be dropping her debut EP of dance floor-ready tunes.

“I wrote this EP during the most incredible experience with my girlfriends. Every night was drinking wine and dancing to Calvin Harris until sunrise. There was no drama on this trip. It was incredible. Not a single tear was shed over boy drama. It’s very sexy, very fun. These are some of my favorite songs I have ever written,” she teases.

Having already shared stages with acts like Steve Aoki and David Guetta, as well as being featured at festivals like Coachella, it’s safe to say that MADDS‘ star is rising rapidly.

More recently, MADDS just released her music video for “Never Forget,” featuring some friends who are also popular on social media, including Cindy Prado, Alexa Collins, Brianna Gonva, Sabrina Calvo and Alba Toba.

Check out 10 Fun Facts about MADDS, and watch the video for “Never Forget”!

1. I’m Loud — you will hear me from a mile away! I love to have a good time and make people laugh.
2. I’m Unpredictable — you never know which MADDS you’re going to get. My musical tastes are all over the place from Reggaeton, to House, to techno, to dubstep. It all depends on my mood.
3. I’m Thoughtful — I love making people happy and surprising them. You could say acts of service is my love language.
4. I’m great at cooking — I love getting in the kitchen and mixing flavors and trying new things. I think I was a chef in a past life.
5. I’m a scary movie fanatic — I also love true crime.
6. Everything must be spicy!
7. 90% of the music I listen to is in Spanish, even though I don’t speak Spanish fluently. I’ll get there one day.
8. I could live off of wine and chicken nuggets. But pasta is also a main food group, too. 9. One day, I want a farm — I LOVE animals!
10. I am hilarious — or at least I think so! Haha! I have a really good sense of humor and don’t take myself too seriously.

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