Lorde is opening up about being an inspiration.

The 24-year-old “Solar Power” star got candid in a recent interview on The Project while discussing her comeback record.

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During the discussion, Lorde was asked her feelings on hearing her sound inspiring younger artists like Billie Eilish and Olivia Rodrigo.

“Oh man, well I can like never hear it. I feel like people tell me the stuff sounds like me. I can’t really hear it,” she admitted.

“I think both those artists are really doing their own thing, but I’m stoked that people are still vibing out on what I…I haven’t put an album out since 2017. So for that to be any source of inspiration for people now, especially how fast music moves, I’m super into it,” she continued.

“Someone else mentioned this to me. Maybe I’m not paying enough attention to modern music. I want someone to make me a playlist. I feel pretty gassed up by that! People like what I do enough to reference it. When I think about the artists that I would reference as a younger artist, it’s like a huge compliment I think. So I love it. Make me the playlist!”

She also opened up about the level of fame that Billie Eilish is experiencing.

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